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High Protein Breakfast : 4 types of Protein Oats options to kick start your day

  • High Protein Breakfast : 4 types of Protein Oats options to kick start your day

Are you Looking for healthy food options? Oats are proven to be a good choice as it is high in protein. Oats can be consumed at the start of the day as it gives you the required energy boost for the day. So here are some popular and wholesome oats options that will give an add on to your day.

Rolled Oats - Rolled oats are easy to cook. As they are flat and thin the cooking time is between 2-5 mins. The whole grains are first steamed, flattened under the roller, and then flaked. That’s why they are called rolled oats. They are high in protein, fibre and vitamins.

Steel Cut Oats - Steel blades cut the grains into a coarse speck, giving them an appearance of cut-up grain. They are less processed than rolled oats and they usually take 15-20 to cook, texture-wise they are a bit chewier. They are ideal candidates for hot cereal, stews and soups. Here are some must-try recipes for steel-cut oats: Steel Cut Oatmeal, Steel Cut Oats Upma, Masala Steel Cut Oats.

Instant Oats - Also known as quick-cooking oats, they are thinner than rolled oats and are steamed for a longer time. They quickly absorb water and typically take 1 to 3 minutes to cook. They taste best with fruit toppings, overnight oats, smoothies, and pancakes. Check out this recipe for instant oats Choco-banana-smoothie.

Oat Groats - Oat Groats are also known as oat berries, they are simple oats hulled and clean. They take the longest cooking time, about 50 to 60 minutes. The chewy texture and nutty flavour are great for the taste. They are suitable for dishes like soups, cereal or grain bowls. You can boil it like pasta and then drain off the excess water.

Oats are a powerhouse of protein and it is recommended to be one of the best breakfasts to kick start your day. It provides fibre and healthy fats, which helps digestion, boosts metabolism, controls blood sugar levels and fulfil our body's nutrient requirement.

You Can also Calculate how many proteins your body needs by using Protein Calculator.

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