Protein Punch Breakfast Combo

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True Elements
  • Nuts and Berries Muesli is rich in antioxidants.
  • Berries Muesli contains 11g of plant-protein.
  • Chocolate Oatmeal has a rich dark chocolate flavour.
  • Loaded with seeds & nuts makes it rich in protein.
  • Multigrain Dosa Mix is made from Oats, Jowar and Rice Flour.
  • Has a healthy fermenting agent and no baking soda.

Why Protein Punch Breakfast Combo is better than the rest?

If you are planning to start eating healthy, having a hearty breakfast is where you should start. A protein-rich breakfast will provide you with the required nutrients while keeping unnecessary binge eating and cravings at bay. True Elements Protein Punch Breakfast combo contains our high protein products, which will provide you with a boost of energy throughout the day!

Crunchy Nuts and Berries Muesli: Crunchy Nuts and Berries Muesli is extremely easy to prepare and eat breakfast option. It consists of a mix of whole grains, oats, seeds, dried berries, etc. This muesli is rich in vitamins and minerals. Eat it hot or cold, with milk or yoghurt, and it will provide you with the required energy to get through your day.

Chocolate Oatmeal: True Elements Dark Chocolate Oatmeal is here to make your mornings healthy and delicious. Oatmeal being a storehouse of dietary fibre, protein & vitamins. It provides you with ample energy to get through your day, and the dark chocolate flavour of this oatmeal assures a good mood and happy endorphins. In addition to the crunchy, wholegrain rolled oats and decadent chocolate flavour, our oatmeal is also packed with the goodness of crunchy seeds like chia and watermelon seeds, nutty almonds and tangy black currants. Sweetened with Raw Honey and Jaggery, this is one of the tastiest healthy breakfast/meal options.

Multigrain Dosa Mix: Preparing Dosa just got easier and healthier! True Elements Multigrain Dosa Mix helps you cook a Crunchy, Delectable Meal in No Time! Moreover, it is highly nutritious, made with a blend of Urad Dal, Oats, Jowar and Rice flour and has no artificial rising agent like baking powder or soda. Instead, we use Freeze-Dried Curd Powder and packed it in the goodness of methi seeds. This easy to make dosa mix is tasty, healthy and perfect for you and your family.

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