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High Protein Quinoa Dosa

14 Feb 2022


Quinoa is a very versatile ingredient which is quite healthy and nutritious. You can try making this crispy quinoa dosas at home easily now!


1 tablespoon quinoa
1 tablespoon chana dal
1 tablespoon urad dal
1 tablespoon rice
Salt, sambar masala,
Cheese slice or paneer (optional)

Directions (For qty, refer to the ingredients section)

  1. In a bowl take 1 spoon of quinoa, chana dal, urad dal and rice
  2. Soak in water for 3 hours
  3. Grind to make a smooth batter
  4. Add salt, sambhar masala for taste in the batter
  5. Take a pan, let it heat.
  6. Make dosas from the batter immediately
  7. Add ½ spoon ghee/butter then flip it over
  8. Add a slice of cheese, sprinkle some chilli flakes as shown in the video
  9. Let it cook for a while, serve crispy hot cheese quinoa dosa

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