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Home Remedies for Skin Rashes

  • Home Remedies for Skin Rashes

With the change in climatic conditions, the texture and the appearance of the skin changes too. These minute changes in the skin colour or texture should not be ignored as it can have severe health impacts like eczema in future. While there are various medications available to treat such skin disorders, there are also many home remedies you can try which will keep your skin free from Skin Allergies. These home remedies also give you a healthy and natural skin.

Skin allergies can be in any form like itching, rashes, redness of the skin, eruptions, boils, etc.

Try out these simple home remedies to cure your skin naturally:

Baking Soda:

Take a cup of baking soda and add it to a bucket full of warm water. Soak the infected or itchy part in this water for about 30-45 minutes and then let it dry in the air naturally. You can also use baking soda paste to treat the minor rashes. Take baking soda and water in a ratio of 3:1 i.e. 3 parts of baking soda and 1 part of warm water. Apply this paste to the infected area. It should not be applied to areas where there is a broken skin or areas of skin with scratches.


Take about 2 cups of oatmeal and grind it in a powdered form in a mixture. Mix a cup of warm water to this powder and apply this mask to the itchy area to get rid of the skin allergies.


Lemon is known for its acidic nature and possesses properties such as anaesthetic and anti-inflammatory which helps in reducing itching. Simple squeeze half lemon to the infected itchy area and leave it for a while until it dries naturally.


Basil, commonly known as Tulsi, consists of a high number of compounds like eugenol which decreases the itching sensation. Take 10-12 basil leaves and place it a jar of boiling water. Keep it covered for a while and let it cool down. Dip a cloth in this mixture and apply it on your dry skin regularly.

Aloe Vera:

Aloe vera is known to heal burning sensations. It can also help in healing the itches and rashes. Take a small part of aloe vera, slice it down in the middle and apply it to the itchy area to get relief from the itches.

Fruit peels:

This is the simplest home remedy to liberate you from skin allergies, itches and rashes. Take a banana peel or a watermelon rind and rub it on the itchy area. This will decrease the itchy symptoms and liberate you from allergies.


Honey has been used over the ages as a medicinal purpose. It is one of the best tonics for giving you a glowing skin naturally, without any requirement of preparing a paste. All you need to do it consume a teaspoon of honey, twice a day, regularly.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple Cider Vinegar contains antioxidant in high quantities. It has several medicinal properties which are beneficial for maintaining a healthy skin. Dip a cotton ball in Apple Cider Vinegar and rub it on your face regularly. If it causes irritation, then you need to dilute the ACV with water and then dip the cotton ball into this mixture.

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