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How Are Millets Helpful In Weight Loss

  • How Are Millets Helpful In Weight Loss

If weight loss is on your checklist and you are looking for diets that can help you create a perfect plan, then you’re in the right place. Millets and weight loss go hand in hand. And you’d be surprised how many weight-reducing millets exist! So, in this blog, we will talk about some weight loss tips and suggest some of these nutritious millets that are a “MUST HAVE” in your diet.

Let's first understand how millets are helpful in weight loss:

  • Millets have low-calorie content and are therefore a good weight-loss food. It is beneficial to folks who are enthusiastic about fitness as well as those who are trying to lose weight. It allows them to preserve their energy levels throughout the day without needing to continuously eat to replenish.
  • Millets are high in fibre, which aids digestion while also preventing constipation, acidity, and bloating. Digestive problems that people commonly have, such as gastrointestinal cancer and kidney/liver issues, can be avoided with good digestion.
  • Millet is a high-protein grain. It has 5g of protein and 1g of fibre in each serving. Both of these substances work together to keep the stomach fuller for longer which in turn, prevents eating between meals. This aids in the loss of excess weight without sacrificing nourishment.

Millets to include in your diet:

  1. Ragi - The iron content of Ragi is exceptional. It contributes to the production of haemoglobin in red blood cells. It is also enriched with calcium and potassium. Since it has a significant value of fibre, it keeps the stomach feeling full for a long period of time. You can try Dessert Mix with Ragi and Dark Chocolate to include this millet in your diet.
  2. Jowar - Jowar is high in magnesium and vitamins B, as well as antioxidants such as flavonoids. It aids in the stimulation of metabolism and the improvement of hair and skin conditions. Magnesium is beneficial to heart and bone health which makes your daily exercise more effective. Jowar flakes topped with some fruits could be on the menu for your next breakfast.
  3. Bajra - protein, fibre, magnesium, iron, and calcium are all abundant in Bajra. It is low in calories and is recommended as the best grain for weight loss. It keeps the stomach full for a long time without adding calories to the daily calorie intake. Bajra Flakes with Honey is one breakfast option you can start your day with before you workout.
  4. Amaranth - Amaranth contains a lot of fibre, magnesium, protein, and iron. It helps improve brain function and prevents certain neurological conditions. It aids in muscle development and digestive health. To include this in your diet, you can make your own muesli and add Amaranth flakes to them for a change! Building your own muesli helps you add only the ingredients you want to consume. It is a perfect personalised meal while on a diet.

You can create a diet plan with these mentioned millets. Try each of them to figure out which one suits you best. You can also get innovative and make Fruit and Nut bars with Bajra and Jowar flakes for a pre-workout snack. And remember, It is essential to cut out fatty, junk, and overly processed foods from your diet. Have a proper exercise routine, drink enough water, get enough sleep and follow a healthy diet. Weight is not just influenced by food but also by lifestyle!

Stay Happy, Eat Healthy and Stay True to Yourself.

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