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How Honey Can Be Used For Weight Loss?

  • How Honey Can Be Used For Weight Loss?

“I will join the gym once the lockdown is over” are you one of those who have found themselves saying this at least once? Don't worry! You are not alone. Losing weight is challenging, but did you know that the small addition of this age-old ingredient in your morning routine can help you lose those few extra pounds. Of course, exercising and healthy eating habits are important, but if you consume honey in warm water with a dash of lemon juice every day on an empty stomach, it can help you lose a few inches from your waist in a much quicker way.

Here is what science says; having warm water in the morning with honey can help you speed up your metabolism, which can increase fat burning and that in return aid in your weight loss efforts. And not only in weight loss, but it also helps to boost your immunity which is the need of the hour! Here are a few other ways honey can help you reduce weight:

Honey diet: Refined sugar and other artificial sweetener consumption are one of the common causes why weight gain occurs. But of course, it can be difficult for us to cut out the sweetness from our food and beverages, so instead of completely removing sugar, you can replace it with a little honey. Weight loss is arduous, so to quickly and safely lose those extra inches, you must replace refined sugar with honey in your cereals, teas, and coffees. Make sure you do not add sugar in your other meals as well. You must also quit junk food and opt for unrefined carbs for this honey diet to show some results in a few weeks.

Honey before bed: Honey is also a natural sweetener and packed with various other health benefits. It is also said if you consume a spoon of honey before bed, the body begins to burn fat during the early hours of sleep.

Honey for breakfast: Honey also helps in better digestion and to curb your appetite. So for your breakfast in the morning, add honey in your cereal instead of refined sugar, and you will not be hungry for at least till your lunchtime.

Honey instead of sugary drinks: Honey water can also help crave less sugary drinks. So having Raw honey is also packed with antioxidants and has antibacterial properties. A tablespoon of honey in a glass of water has about half the calories compared to other soft drinks or any other drink sweetened with sugar. So, by not intaking these artificial sugary drinks, you are reducing your calorie intake that can help you reduce weight quicker.

Honey for stable blood sugar: Honey keeps blood sugar levels more stable compared to other carbohydrate sources since it has a lower glycaemic index (GI). GI measures how quickly a carbohydrate raises blood sugar level. Therefore, your body has enough energy supply, but your sugar level is also stable, so you will have lesser cravings.

Honey before/after workouts: Warm water and honey before a workout can be a natural energy booster that can provide you with a quick source of energy during your work regimes. It helps stabilize energy levels after an intense workout that is why sports nutritionists recommend having honey water before or after a rigorous workout regime.

Consuming honey does not guarantee overnight weight loss, but if you are consistent in your diet and exercise frequently, it will give you results much faster over a while. So next time when you’re craving something sweet, have honey instead of that chocolate cake!

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