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How Important is Protein in your Daily Food?

  • How Important is Protein in your Daily Food?

Protein is a nutrient that is very important for our body. Doctors and health experts - suggest having a proper intake of protein in our daily diet as it’s an essential nutrient. The need for protein varies from person to person depending upon weight, age, gender and health.


  • Are building blocks for life
  • Repair blood cells and make new cells
  • Help in the growth and development of humans
  • Maintains balance of acids and bases in our body
  • Help to fight infections by building immunity

Protein consists of 20 amino acids which are part of various food sources. The people who eat non-vegetarian food, get complete 20 amino acids through animal products but people with a vegetarian diet, find incomplete protein i.e.not all 20 amino acids are present. So they need to mix & match food to get all the 20 acids. Therefore, it is advisable to include cereals, pulses, legumes etc. in our diet.

The following foods have complete proteins (20 amino acids):

  • Animal products like chicken, beef, fish etc., have high protein.
  • Plant-Based Products like nuts, seeds, beans, lentils etc., have incomplete protein but can be completed when eaten in combination with other protein-rich foods.
  • Soy products, quinoa, seeds of amaranth have complete proteins and should be consumed daily for protein needs.

After understanding why protein and how we can get protein, let’s try to look at how you can include protein in your daily diet:

  • For Breakfast:
  • For Lunch:
    • Take salads topped with nuts and seeds
    • Cheese in vegetables
    • Pulses (Dals)
    • Add yoghurt as a side appetizer
    • Vegetable smoothies if you wish to eat something different for lunch
    • Beans Salad etc
  • For Dinner:
    • Quinoa Bowl
    • Cabbage Parathas
    • Dal- masoor, moong, channa etc., with Parathas
    • Milkshake with nuts etc

This meal plan may not be perfect for all, but you can include some of the delicacies in your daily routine to have a better protein intake. Protein being a part of essential nutrients, should be included so you can have a healthy life.

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