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How to Beat Menopausal Hot Flashes Naturally?

  • How to Beat Menopausal Hot Flashes Naturally?

Hot flashes are one of the most common symptoms of menopause. Hot flashes are a sudden feeling of heat in parts of our body, a flushed face and lots of sweating. It is usually a sensation of heat which starts around the head and neck regions, Often happens during the early stages of menopause. But there are some natural ways that we can beat these symptoms without any medications!

Here are 6 superfoods which will help in fighting the menopausal hot flashes:

Soy Milk:

Soy milk is power-packed with phytoestrogen, which acts like estrogen and regulates female hormonal balance. Estrogen is responsible for biological activities in females. Hence, soy milk can result in decreasing the hot flashes in women during menopause. Soybean and Tofu are one of the best sources of Soy other than Soy Milk.

Whole Grains:

Foods with a rich source of both soluble and insoluble fiber are helpful in weight management, thus causing less trouble during menopause. Whole-grain foods such as barley, oatmeal, brown rice, etc are rich in fibers, which is very important to balance the levels of estrogen. Fibrous foods help in eliminating the excess estrogen from bodies and thus prevent hot flashes.

Low-fat Yogurt:

During the periods of menopause, women often suffer from bone health issues. Calcium can help in improving the bone density in the body, thus keeping your bones healthy. Yogurt also helps in preventing the risks of osteoporosis and bone decay.


Apart from protein, eggs are also a rich source of vitamin B. Vitamin B is responsible for the functioning of normal adrenal gland function and hormone synthesis. Thus, it is necessary to control the production of estrogen and progesterone in the body to reduce the complications during menopausal Hot Flashes.


Pineapples and Amla are a rich source of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is excellent in fighting off free radicals that damage the cells and tissues in our body. It is a powerful antioxidant that reduces oxidative stress and further Menopausal Hot Flashes.

Seeds and Nuts:

Super seeds like flax seeds, walnuts, almonds, chia seeds, etc are rich sources of healthy fats and omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids help in regulating the growth of cells and their functions, thus they are also helpful in easing hot flashes during menopause in women.

Thus, Adopting a lifestyle with good habits pertaining to healthy foods and regular exercising will lead to a long-lasting and healthier life.

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