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How to overcome Protein deficiency by eating Healthy Diet Food

  • How to overcome Protein deficiency by eating Healthy Diet Food

When thinking of healthy food, we often think of fresh green vegetables and fruits and nuts and seeds. We do take care of the healthy part, but not of the strong part. To stay healthy, we need to stay strong and the key element that keeps us strong is protein. Protein plays an essential role in coordinating our body’s vital functions and repairing our tissues. They are the building blocks of our muscles and bones and skin and hormones.

Seeing the importance of protein, a survey says that over 73% of Indians are protein deficient. This not only comes from lack of awareness but also lack of discipline and good eating habits. The Indian vegetarian diet often undercounts the amount of protein that is needed in the diet. There may be reasonable excuses that the vegetarian diet itself doesn’t consist of any meaty proteins, but there are several other simple ways to overcome protein deficiency by eating a healthy food diet.

Beginning with breakfast, switching to a proteinaceous dish is easier than it seems. Instead of your regular upma, switch to oats upma. Instead of tea and biscuit, switch to milk and granola. Instead of poha, switch to quinoa. Oats can also be used to make dosa or idli or even dhokla. There are endless options, and you just need to put an open eye into your breakfast.

The mid-morning snack should consist of some nuts or even seeds such as flax seeds, watermelon seeds, pumpkin seeds, etc. This may seem boring to you, but once you taste it, you’ll definitely get used to it.

Lunch is easier to switch into a healthy proteinaceous diet. Instead of your regular wheat chapatis, just switch to chapatis made with soybean flour. I promise, you won’t even know they aren’t your regular rotis. You can also eat an extra chapati, because soybean flour has about 50% less carbs than wheat flour, which will not only keep you fuller for longer, but give you the required nutrients.

Coming to snacks, there are unlimited options you could ask for. From any sprouts salad to multigrain crunchy pops bhel to even dhokla or idli or dosa or pancakes or tikkis, you can make all of it with healthy ingredients like toor dal, buckwheat and even oats. For a lighter snack, have a smoothie or milkshake or even seed mixes. Think upon it!

Dinner’s almost a celebration, and healthy food won’t ruin that mood at all. You ask for your favorite food and you get it, in a healthier, proteinaceous version. Craving Pav Bhaji? Bake your own buns with multigrain or soybean flour. Craving Pizza? You’ve always got a proteinaceous base. Bring in some paneer chilli or stir fried tofu or spinach soup or chole kulcha!

The most reasonable way of eating a healthy, proteinaceous diet is to think before you eat. Count those calories, count those macros, and put your mind and focus into what you are putting inside.

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