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How True Elements is playing it's part in Sustainability

  • How True Elements is playing it's part in Sustainability

It was overwhelming for me when I was asked to talk on sustainability in a room full of food experts- chefs, consultants, and Hoteliers. While they talked about how Multinational Hotels are driving sustainability in their own zones, it was a proud moment for me to share what True Elements is doing for Sustainability in its own little way.

The best part was when I walked off the stage, one senior person walked up to me and said, "you should have just shown your plant's picture to everyone. While most others just say it, you guys are actually doing it"! THAT, to me, was the real award of the day. Just that I didn't pose for it!

Thanks a lot, Dr. Aalok Pandit and team for giving so much importance - more importantly, thank you for appreciating (not once but twice!) the character am currently playing in this story called True Elements;
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