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Immunity Boosting foods for post covid infection

  • Immunity Boosting foods for post covid infection

Good nutrition is crucial for maintaining good health, particularly if you are recovering from coronavirus. If you have come in contact with this virus, your immune system will be weaker than usual and will be trying hard to fight it.

When combating an infection our body needs more energy and fluids, hence it is important to charge the system with adequate nutrients than you usually need. Even after recovering from Covid 19, you should follow a highly nutritious diet. Eating wholesome natural foods along with mindful breathing exercises is one of the best ways for a complete recovery.

There are a few food groups that are suggested to be helpful in the recovery process. Effects of coronavirus on your immune system are immense and therefore it is important to get your immunity response back on track.

Here are the suggested food groups:

  1. Vitamin C: Vitamin C increases the production of White Blood Cell therefore, Vitamin C plays a vital role in boosting your immunity. Fruits and Veggies such as broccoli, spinach, pineapple, amla, oranges, and lemons should be added to the diet.
  2. Antioxidant-rich: Many berries, seeds and nuts are known to have high immune-boosting properties as they are packed with high antioxidants. Including blueberries, pumpkin seeds and chia seeds in your daily meals will give an instant boost to your immune system.
  3. Hydration: Drink enough water. Studies show that drinking 8-9 glasses of water (3-4 litres) is essential post-Covid. Also drinking herbal drinks like turmeric milk, ginger tea, ayurvedic kadha and green tea with a spoon of Raw Honey will help in uplifting the energy levels.
  4. High Fibre: Energy consumption increases within the body to fight coronavirus. Therefore adding high fibre and high protein foods is necessary. Eat whole grains like Gluten-Free Rolled Oats and Gluten-Free Quinoa instead of wheat and rice to give you more nutrition and energy.
  5. More Meals: Taking small amounts of meals frequently is necessary while recovering from Corona Virus. Our body needs continuous energy and small meals have proven to be effective. Do not skip meals, especially breakfast. Eat Mueslis or Oatmeals for a quick and nutritious start to your mornings.

We hope these points help you in some way. Please stay indoors as much as possible, double mask if you have to go outside, wash your hands regularly and get vaccinated.

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