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How To Stay Safe from Covid if you have Diabetes?

  • How To Stay Safe from Covid if you have Diabetes?

Coronavirus is creating a vast impact on our lifestyle that is affecting many people. But people with any preliminary diseases like diabetes, heart diseases .e.t.c. are much more vulnerable than others. Diabetes is a disease that is rising alarmingly and is affecting a lot of people in India. With the rise of diabetes and coronavirus, it is relevant to understand why people with diabetes are more vulnerable? The answer to that is, a diabetic person suffers from high blood sugar levels, which can interfere with the ability of white blood cells (that helps to build our immunity system). So it’s a high possibility that a diabetic person may have a weak immune system.

Though there is not enough evidence to support the findings of the relationship between coronavirus and diabetes, it’s still crucial to stay precautious. A person with diabetes can follow these simple measures to stay safe and anxiety-free to avoid getting infected by coronavirus:

  • Wash your hands regularly with soap- Clean your hands often with soap and water for up to 20 seconds to be safe from the virus. It’s a good idea to use a sanitiser, wherever you go, to avoid the infection.
  • Wear a mask in public places- The covid guidelines say, it's mandatory to wear a mask in public places to be safe. NH 95, a cloth mask or a surgical mask that can protect you from the virus, is highly recommended.
  • Practice social distancing- Stay at least 6 feet away from a person whenever possible. The virus is said to spread with droplets of the infected person’s cough or sneeze. It can even infect if you are standing close to that person.
  • Use sanitisers- Clean everything with a sanitiser to avoid the risk of getting infected. Be it doorknobs, utensils and other things which has a surface to carry the infected virus. Have up to date supply of medicines and insulins- The risk is much higher when you are a diabetic patient, so it’s significant to stock the insulins and all medical supplies to save yourself from all the hassle.
  • Give priority to mental health- Diabetes increases with more stress levels, so it’s crucial to put your mental health first. Talk to friends, neighbours and family while keeping in mind to practice social distancing. If you have symptoms, talk to doctors or take extra help by consulting a psychologist.
  • A Nutritious Diet- Take food products like flax seeds, turmeric-based food etc. which helps improve the immune system and gives you the energy to fight the disease. A healthy balanced diet keeps you fit and healthy and works as a precaution measure against any disease.
  • Immediately contact the doctor if you see COVID symptoms- It's critical to consult a doctor before you take medicines of COVID. As a diabetic person, he may suggest a different medication that can be much more effective and safe.

These are some fundamental ways a person can stay cautious. Apart from these measures, it is our responsibility to get vaccinated against the virus and be safe.

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