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Crunchy Cranberry Walnut Salad

What’s the joy of summer without a cool bowl of salad! This delectable salad with cool greens, crunchy nuts, crisp fruits and chewy dried fruits is just perfect as a side dish or as your mid-evening...Read More

Cucumber Salad

Take the humble cucumber to new heights with such flavourful stunning salads. These simple and easy to prepare recipes make a great option as a side dish for your lunch parties or a snack to pack away...Read More

Super Summer Salad

This is the season of luscious sweet corn and a super awesome way to have your corn is in the form of a cool salad. It is filled with the goodness of corn and also the power of the super ingredients- ...Read More

Quinoa Salad

A salad is not just a meal, but it is more of a style. Want to style your diet in a tasty yet healthy way? Then here you go. Try out this unique salad made out of quinoa with an addition of your favor...Read More

Buckwheat brazil nut Salad

Craving some tasty and healthy food? This delightful salad will leave you wanting for more. The earthy flavour of mushrooms, the added crunch of nuts and the tanginess of tomatoes makes the mighty bu...Read More

Sprouts Salad With Sweet Sorghum Dressing

Looking for ways to add the nutritional powerhouse- Cane sorghum syrup into your diet? This amazing salad is just one easy way to have a dose of sorghum. A fresh bowl of your favorite greens topped wi...Read More

Spicy Quinoa Salad

Most of us find salads to be bland and boring. How ‘bout a colorful, zesty quinoa salad that’s not only healthy but also a treat to the taste buds. This delightful salad is citrusy and light with ...Read More

Quick Quinoa Salad

Finding a way to cook with protein-rich quinoa? So why not include it in your salads! Quick Quinoa salad is an easy and tasty way to add this hearty ingredient in your healthy meals. It has tangy and ...Read More

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