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Recipes Collection

Banana Hazelnut Smoothie

Be it warm weather or a chilled morning, a wholesome glass of smoothie makes the perfect breakfast. This delectable smoothie brings together mushy bananas, sweet honey, and crunchy hazelnuts. The smoo...Read More

Peach Oatmeal Smoothie

The longer it sits, the thicker the smoothie gets. It remains drinkable, but I liked using a giant spoon to get all of the little peach bits! Flaked almonds and more oats on the top add a little textu...Read More

Coffee Oat Smoothie

We all need that coffee punch to kickstart our mornings. But only plain coffee does no good. This coffee oat smoothie is every coffee lover's dream drink. Packed with the nutritional punch of oats and...Read More

Goji Cherry Detox Smoothie

Goji berry is a tiny, nutrient-busting, superfood that is loved by all; not only for the numerous health benefits it offers but also for its succulent taste. Coupled with cherries, strawberries, banan...Read More

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