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Dark Chocolate Granola Smoothie

Dark Chocolate Granola Smoothie


This chocolate smoothie prepared from Dark Chocolate Granola is filling, tasty, extremely healthy & satisfying- perfect for breakfast! This smoothie is creamy-thick without the usual sugar & fat promoting ingredients,which tastes exactly like chocolate milkshake. You can even use Raw Cocoa powder as an alternative to chocolate syrup. This easy chocolate smoothie just needs a few ingredients and satisfies your cravings quickly.


True Elements Dark Chocolate Granola
Condensed milk
Choco crunch
Blended ice cream


  1. Take chocolate granola in a jar
  2. Add condensed milk in it
  3. Grind them together
  4. Pour the mixture in a bowl/glass
  5. Add some choco crunch toppings to decorate it
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