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Insomnia Diet

Insomnia Diet

Did you know there are certain foods that trigger a sleep-inducing hormonal response and work to calm the nervous system? For those who suffer from insomnia or sleep deprivation, knowing which foods can improve sleep is invaluable. Here are some of the foods that are scientifically proven to help you sleep.

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Rolled Oats Gluten Free - Protein Rich Oats

Rs.99 Upto 40% Off

Upto 25% Off

Raw Flax Seeds - Heart Healthy

Rs.130 Rs.149 Upto 25% Off

Upto 12% Off

Roasted Flax Seeds - Omega 3 fats Rich

Rs.120 Upto 12% Off

Upto 30% Off

Steel Cut Oats Gluten Free - Vitamin Rich Oats

Rs.168 Rs.200 Upto 30% Off

Upto 30% Off

Whole Oatmeal with Chia & Fruits - Vitamin Rich

Rs.99 Upto 30% Off

Upto 47% Off

Gluten Free Whole Instant Oats - Fibre Rich Oats

Rs.49 Rs.60 Upto 47% Off

Upto 18% Off

Multigrain Oatmeal - Improves Digestion

Rs.265 Rs.295 Upto 18% Off

Upto 29% Off

Raw Pumpkin Seeds - Boost Immunity

Rs.209 Rs.225 Upto 29% Off

Upto 23% Off

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds - Zinc Rich

Rs.149 Upto 23% Off

Upto 20% Off

Raw Sunflower Seeds - Improves Skin Health

Rs.102 Rs.125 Upto 20% Off

Upto 10% Off

Roasted Sunflower Seeds - Vitamin E Rich

Rs.140 Rs.149 Upto 10% Off

Upto 8% Off

Gluten Free Whole Oat Groats - Protein Rich

Rs.299 Rs.325 Upto 8% Off

Upto 20% Off

Raw Honey - Unheated And Unprocessed

Rs.240 Rs.300 Upto 20% Off

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