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Journey of your Product from Farm to Kitchen

  • Journey of your Product from Farm to Kitchen

It was in late 2018 when my then 8-year-old asked during our vegetable shopping, that why can’t True Elements’ consumers pick and choose the way we pick our tomatoes?

I answered him, that we do that for them and his next question was how do they know that? This passing comment helped us in connecting the missing link in the tech direction at our Technology lab.

We, at TRUE ELEMENTS, always wanted to give our patrons the confidence they have in a bowl of "Dal" from their kitchen. The confidence is because we know all the ingredients used and know our kitchen.

Our quest since then has been "Can we show all the details we have of the ingredients we have used from the farm and eventually can we show how we make the pack YOU are consuming?” We don’t want to just make a general statement, but also want to show the details of the ingredients used in making that particular pack. That is a lot of work as we had to connect to all of the 100's of ingredients we use from the farm to the last stage when it becomes a pack of food in our production line.

We have to connect all those elements and then collate all the information we have like the "State" at each step, " Journey" of these ingredients & then process of that becoming a final product. When we created a road map for this work, we thought this is a piped dream for a food startup like ours. But with such a blessed team we have, we almost came to making this a reality. During the board meeting which was held in 2019, we committed to our board that we will be able to launch this by the end of 2020.

One fine day, in the midst of all these, we got a consumer query in December 2019, where she insisted to see the source of our Oats and its journey because her toddler is a picky eater and he loves our product. Like any paranoid parent, she wanted to be sure her toddler likes it, not because we are adding something. This was the only push we needed at that point of time to speed up the launch process. But the real push hit us on March 14th. 2020. That is the day where the fear of COVID-19 hit us all over the country and suddenly we saw our consumers seeking more TRUST levers to believe TRUE ELEMENTS. So on the second day of WFH for our tech team, we had a team call where the team saw the need & voluntarily opted to try for the unthinkable.

Can we do what we planned to do in 6 months in 30 days? Our team diligently worked non stop without taking any leave or off for straight 25 days and delivered the world's FIRST product for the consumer to see the complete journey of "INGREDIENTS " from FARM TO FORK.

The packaged food industry is no more the same. We did something unthinkable by world leaders. You can see all that we know about each of the ingredients used in making YOUR pack, this is LIVE now. We will shortly plot the journey of these ingredients with logistics partner & eventually show video of the shop floor when that pack you are holding was being made. So that packaged food is no more what it used to be close to 100 years.

We have always selected ingredients and processed in such a way that we can feed our toddlers at home. Thus taking you inside our factory is not a tough decision for us but making that virtual experience memorable one is what it took us so long.

You can select the product you have in your kitchen and then just punch in the batch number. We will tell you everything we know and also show you the quality checks which we do to make it irresistable. Incase you have thrown that pack and dont have that batch number, let me help you with an example.

Click this link & select product "Whole Oatmeal 500gm" in the product tab and punch in batch number 20TE080 & enter. What you see is complete information of all the products used with their date stamps & product specifications.

We believe as a consumer you have every right to know:

  • what you are paying for
  • where & when each of these ingredients were processed / harvested
  • what did we do with those ingredients to make sure those are of highest quality & standards
  • when did we make that product & what was its condition then.
  • information which most of the packaged food companies dont tell. What all are there in this pack ?

You trust us and feed your loved ones with our food. So we thought you deserve to see & know everything we know about each of the ingredient we use. Thus we are inviting you to see all the details, that is what the TRUE in True Elements expects us to do!

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