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Ms. Ankita Kulkarni

Associate-New Development
Qualification: M.Sc. Nutrition and Dietetics
Description: Ankita Kulkarni working as Associate-New Development with HW Wellness Solutions Pvt. Ltd (True Elements), Pune for 4 years. She has completed her Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics from Symbiosis International University.
Besides work, she enjoys travelling, exploring local food and long walk with music.

10 Healthy Snacks That Will Get You Through Your Work Day

We know work can get boring sometimes. Munching on some snacks would seem like a

10 Nutritionist-Approved Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Since childhood, we have heard the saying, "Breakfast is the king of all meals."

10 Tips to Help You Stick to Your Diet On Vacation

We all could really use a vacation- breathe in positivity and breathe out negati

5 Easy to Make Halim Seeds Recipe

Learn how to make tasty recipes out of Halim seeds which are rich in Iron.

5 Foods to Reduce Stress and Nourish Your Body

Hectic lifestyles and the peer pressure to be the best and do the best can get t

5 healthy berries you can eat anytime

Berries are soft, round, tangy and chewy. They come in different sizes, flavours

5 Snacks To Take On A Road Trip

When we hear about a road trip what's the first thing that strikes our mind “

8 Reasons why Natural Foods help you to Reduce Weight

If you are wondering how to naturally reduce weight gain, you are at the right p

Best Diet Plan For Anemia

Anemia can be very challenging considering the fact that over 50 million childre

Best Foods To Eat For Fitness

If you are about to join the gym, or already subscribed to one, and just want a

Foods to Eat: Post-Covid Diet

Many of us all over the world have seen/suffered/got infected with Covid. This m

Health Tips for Women's Nutrition

Men and Women have different bodies and hence is the lifestyle, food requirement

Healthy Diet Tips For Working Women

There is a lot of material on this subject in the world of the internet but very

How Your Eating Habits Affect Your Skin

Like how the cover of a book represents the pages of the book, likewise, your di

Millets To Eat During The Summer

Summer is here and it's time we alter our diets to the weather with some healthy

Natural Foods To Enhance Your Skin

Some may follow a strict beauty regime, while some may wash their face and are g

PCOS and nutritions: food to eat during PCOS

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOS was earlier known as PCOD indicating disorder.

Snacks For New Years Eve Party

New years is here so lets talk about some healthy new year's snacks! If you are

The Simple Strategy To Achieve Your Health Goals

How many of you have set your New Year’s resolution to be fit and healthy? Joi

Top 10 Dry fruits you should include in your Daily Dose Trail Mix

Trail mix is a healthy snack that can be enjoyed by everyone. The best part is y

Why Are Millets The Superhero Of Foods

Millets, the small grains that used to beautify Indian meals vanished in the 198

Dr. Pavitra Krishna Kumar

Lead, New Product Development
Qualification: Ph. D. (Food Engineering)
Description: Pavitra Krishna Kumar presently works as Lead, New Product Development at True Elements, India. She has over 4 years of experience in the food industry, both in India and in the US. She received her Ph. D. in Food Engineering from Washington State University, US. She has worked in other areas such as plant-based eggs and cheeses, frozen shakes and natural antioxidants for food shelf-life.
Besides work, she enjoys freshly brewed filter coffee, travelling, exploring food, and taking long walks.

Eating healthy during the festive season

The festive season is here, and we cannot help but drool over the delicious swee

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The process by which your body transforms what you consume into energy is known

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Carbohydrates are one of the essential nutrients your body needs. Although, carb

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The benefits of adding nuts to your diet are many- they are high in antioxidants

5 Foods To Improve Your Memory

Do you always forget where you put your keys last time? Or you wonder what you w

5 Millets To Add To Your Daily Meals

2023 is International Millet Year and there has been a sudden storm in its incre

A Teenager's Nutritional Needs

The teenage years are one of the most important years in a human’s life. It is

Foods For Fighting Fatigue

Do you often find yourself feeling tired, gloomy, low on energy even though you

Foods To Improve Your Quality Of Life

Life quality is very important for every individual in this modern era- life exp

Health Benefits Of Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are tiny and nutty flavoured but don't underestimate the size of this

Healthy Eating For Healthy Weight

There are no fixed mantras because whoever says there is, is lying. Weight depen

Healthy Food To Eat During The Winter

"What to eat for a winter to stay healthy?" "what are the best foods to eat duri

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If weight loss is on your checklist and you are looking for diets that can help

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Why Are Millets Healthy

People in India have always had a wide range of foods in their daily meals incl

Why Sugar Is Ruining Your Health ?

When you think of Chocolates, Jalebi, Laddus, or Rasgulla, you already have a me

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