Where Old-World Secrets Meet Modern-Day Taste

Continuous attempts to bring about taste enhancement and product innovation has taken us too far from our original palate and we have almost…

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True Elements Honey

For those who love to experiment, even your honey’s got options. Log on to this website and order yourself some golden goodness in exotic flavours such as Acacia – a light coloured variant …

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Putting the taste back into the health food

Puru Gupta, Co-founder, HealthyWorld says that Indians are choosing a healthier alternatives to their current food choices, and this has created a business opportunity for HealthyWorld’s brand True Elements.

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Just Buy Live

Exclusive Interview with Sreejith Moolayil

We have built a platform where one could get such genuine health foods and we are in the process of integrating a tool to make the process of Identifying & Validating what they should choose from the wide arena of health foods available. We have been using this tool internally for some time to choose the launch best health food under our own label “ TRUE ELEMENTS”.

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Inspired by the Chinese green tea culture, two friends startup HealthyWorld

True Elements sources its raw material from different parts of India.True Elements has a portfolio of more than 30 products, which includes breakfast cereals, tea, snacks and health supplements.

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An Interview with Puru Gupta, Co-Founder at

The biggest driver of this was the lack of direct access and awareness of functional foods, along with a limited presence of genuinely healthy products. This led to the launch of True Elements in April 2015.

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Checkout for functional food products!

CSAT360 is pleased to present its interview with Puru Gupta, co-founder,, an initiative to promote healthy lifestyle with over 2000 products from merchants including their own brand “True Elements”.

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A bite of Good health

It’s a crazy world out there. I get on the treadmill every morning( well almost) and burn off so much of that freak shake I just sipped at last night , and I wonder why my clothes are still tight.

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