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More Indians Are Becoming Health Conscious.

  • More Indians Are Becoming Health Conscious.

Exposure from social media and other digital platforms have opened new roads to information for us Indians. One of the easily available information on every social media is about health.

Every two posts in ten on social media are directly or indirectly related to health. People easily put their beliefs in search engines more than any experts nowadays. This run through with information has made people aware of things which they were not aware before. People now in India have become choosy in their diet plan and food habits. This “selective food habit” was not prevalent in India before, but now it has reached India too after being popular in many western countries.

How Have People Become So Health-Conscious?

Better Diet means Better Life:

  • Usually, we Indians include everything available in our diet, but now many have started to include sugar-free, gluten free or even organic foods in their diets. There are many food brands now available in the market, which advertise their USP of better health. There are even cake shops now who have their certain products made in sugar-free products. This sudden change in attitudes of people is not only because of exposure but also due to demanding corporate life. In the end, better health results in a better life.

Exercising goals:

  • The changing food habits are one of the signs of Indians becoming health conscious, the other signs are the increase in demands of gyms, meditation and yoga center, fitness dance classes and other fitness related institutes. Yoga and meditation are already part of our culture, but with now gyms and fitness centers are also getting lots of attention. Many international gym chains are investing across different metropolitan cities of India; this has brought more health awareness in people.

Nutritionist’s Decisions:

  • There is also an increase in demand for health-doctors, dieticians and nutritionists. People want to know the best approach towards food and health, through these professionals it becomes easy for them to get right decisions. There are even food packs available in supermarkets, these packs have certain salads, meats or fruits specifically packed for people who are advised to consume only a certain amount of calories.
  • Most food allergies occur from gluten and dairy food items; earlier Indians were oblivious to this, but now there are people who ask for specific food which is gluten free or lactose-free. This proves how far the people are ready to go for their health.

Switching to Organic foods:

  • Organic food has now become quite popular too; organic foods are free from synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers. The organic foods are good for health as only natural fertilizers are used on them. There are rounds going on that synthetic pesticides cause cancers and other diseases. This rumour or fact makes it an obvious choice for many Indians to choose organic food over other available foods in the market. Organic food is fresher and better for the environment too; hence the ever-growing list of health conscious Indians are choosing organic foods.

Healthy food habits are important for sustaining this fast life. Many Indians even believe that by becoming health conscious they are raising their standard of living and hence living a healthy and fit life.

These sudden ever-growing demands for things good for health by many Indians, should be welcomed on a positive note.

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