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Multigrain Oats for Weight Loss: All you need to know

  • Multigrain Oats for Weight Loss: All you need to know

Work from home culture has got most of us complaining about our weight scales going rightwards - as we are restricted to a laptop screen and four walls with minimum physical activity. Losing weight can be difficult for many due to different reasons. But you can always begin from baby steps. Dieticians, nutritionists, and health experts recommend various solutions, but it is often difficult to follow, with so much work pressure around along with our home duties and health conditions. So all people do is switch the food with healthy alternatives. One such alternative is multigrain oats.

Multigrain oats include Oats- which are good for the heart. Barley, which is a good source of fibre. Jowar- which helps boost immunity, and Amarnath- which provides proteins. These all grains combined make the multigrain oats an ideal meal for weight loss. Weight loss can be hectic to deal with. But incorporating multigrain oatmeal into your diet can help you get the required nutrients without making you feel heavy as they have soluble fibres. The multigrain oats can be eaten as follows:

  • Multigrain oats are consumed generally by adding milk, fruits, and nuts, making them a complete meal. This nutritious meal can be an alternative to your regular food and can be consumed two times a day if you are looking for weight loss. They are preferred generally for breakfast and dinner. But can be eaten as advised by the health experts.
  • The multigrain oats can also be consumed as a snack. Adding various ingredients like peanuts, cornflakes and mixing in the multigrain oats is a healthy alternative for the namkeens. They help us to stay away from the oily fatty acids that unknowingly add to our weight. So adding multigrain oats to your lifestyle is a good way to lose weight.

So these were some of the ways you can consume these multigrain oats in different & delicious ways!

As suggested above, there are various ways you can eat oats. Before adding anything to your diet plan, it’s good to consult a health expert who can guide you on your journey towards weight loss.

Oats and other grains are a great deal, but having anything in excess is harmful, so it is important to be mindful of your eating habits.

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