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Whole Oatmeal with Real Fruits 500gm

Whole Oatmeal loaded with the crunchiness of Whole Rolled Oats, tanginess of Dried Cranberries, crispy seeds & nuts.

Rs 256 Rs 270

Whole Oatmeal with Real Fruits 1kg

Filled with the right amount of fruits and nuts to give your taste buds a nutty-fruity flavour and give you a quick energy boost.

Rs 506 Rs 520

Chatpati Muesli, Chatpata Snacks, 400gm

True Elements Chatpati Muesli is an Indian desi version of Muesli, loaded with the right amount of chaat masala and spices.

Rs 238 Rs 250

Chatpati Muesli, Chatpata Snacks, 1kg

Fixed your Chaat cravings in just 3 minutes with this Muesli. When mixed with dahi, it can become delicious Chatpati retreat.

Rs 508 Rs 520

Raw Flax Seeds, Omega 3 Seeds 500gm

Natural & high-quality seeds act as a healthy protector & are an outstanding source of protein & fibre.

Rs 194 Rs 200

Raw Sunflower Seeds, Vitamin E Seeds 250gm

Highly nutritious food, beneficial for the entire body. Maintains the quality of the skin, improves health and nourishes hair.

Rs 169 Rs 175

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