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Our Story

True to Nature!

As it’s rightly said by Shakespeare, “To thine own self be true”, we start with what works best for you, i.e. what is true to you! We purely believe in putting nature’s goodness into our packets, one which makes every human body feel fresh and energised. That’s why our products include ingredients in their natural form, purely to experience nature’s goodness and having the same natural taste within while leaving your taste buds wanting for more.

100% Natural Ingredients!

We are a 100% natural food brand and goes without saying that we do not add even an ounce of chemicals. While you go through any of our products’ nutritional label, you will see all possible information about the elements in it. We sincerely do not hide or skip anything on our labels. We believe to provide information to you with nothing more or less on our labels, staying as True to Nature as possible.

Only Food, No Preservatives:

Our products are made with FOOD and nothing else. No preservatives, no artificial colours or added flavours. Our products are manufactured in such a way that children can dig in and snack on whenever they feel like, and parents need not to skip a heartbeat worrying about their health. The pest control activities in the factory are completely natural and without the usage of any chemicals, making us do whatever it takes to stay True to You.

We Care for our Mother Earth:

There are many small, easy ways to contribute towards saving the planet. One such step we inculcate in our productions is the usage of boxes for packing our Honey bottles. Rather than using thermocol boxes, we opt for using carton boxes of higher thickness made from recycled paper, thus saving the earth from the burden of plastic. The containers used for our range of Muesli are purely made of recycled cardboard box, which is 100% biodegradable. Saving the earth from 5 tons of plastic being dumped by using recyclable metalized polyester packaging is what we truly believe in, thereby showing our love towards the nature.