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Popular Breakfast Foods That Reduce Inflammation

  • Popular Breakfast Foods That Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation can also be referred to as swelling, in simple terms. It is perfectly normal to have some level of inflammation as it is related to the general response of our immune system towards the injuries. It becomes a pain when it turns into chronic inflammation.

By incorporating slight changes in the diet and lifestyle, we can reduce this inflammation. Keep reading further to know breakfast food items that can help in reducing inflammation.

  • Chia Seeds- Chia Seeds contain the essential Omega 3 fatty acids that reduce inflammation. They are also rich in fibre, vitamins as well as other nutrients. Start your morning with a chia seeds smoothie using True Elements Chia seeds and ease yourself from the inflammation issue.
  • Avocado- Avocado consists of essential nutrients like magnesium and potassium. These nutrients in a combination of antioxidants present in avocado can provide relief from inflammation. Top your favourite sandwich with avocado slices.
  • Broccoli-Broccoli is a powerhouse in reducing inflammation. It is rich in an antioxidant called sulforaphane, which helps to make it a delicious and powerful way to lessen inflammation. Add broccoli to your salads or salads to start your day.
  • Dark chocolate-  Yes! You read it right! Dark chocolate consists of flavonols which are antioxidants that make this delicious indulgence very useful in reducing inflammation. Consume it for breakfast in the form of a dark chocolate smoothie or as a Chocolate pancake mix offered by True Elements. Eating a small piece of the dark chocolate bar can also be beneficial. But make sure your consumption is limited.
  • Blueberries- Blueberries contain massive amounts of vitamins and flavonoids that are antioxidants that help in reducing inflammation. Also, don’t forget they are delicious. You can consume it as a Blueberry smoothie or in combination with quinoa and oatmeal. You can also directly snack on them.

So start your day with these healthy and delicious food products and have an energizing day.

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