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Quarantine Tips for Healthy Living!

  • Quarantine Tips for Healthy Living!

As we are all quarantined now, and trying our best to stop the spread of COVID-19, it has also been difficult for us to maintain our lifestyle- including a healthy diet & healthy living.

It is very crucial to have good nutrition, especially when our Immune system might need to fight back against various diseases. Even with few & limited sources, one can still have a balanced lifestyle that supports good health.

Following are some of the Diet Tips that can help you get Healthier & Happier!

  • Fibrous Foods:

    Fiber-rich foods are key to maintain Bowel health & also aids in weight management. Dietary Fiber is essential for a healthy diet. Adding wholegrain breakfast cereals like True Elements Jowar Flakes. Fruits such as melons & oranges are a good source of Fiber. Include nuts & seeds, potatoes with skin into your diet. You can also add Apples and Pineapples in your diet.
  • Nutrient-rich Meals:

    Never skip your breakfasts. A good breakfast fuels your body to kick-start your day & contribute towards your overall health. Add whole-grains like Oats, Jowar, etc to your diet plan, protein-rich foods like eggs, legumes & nuts, including fresh fruits & vegetables, drinks & smoothies without added sugar. You can also try True Elements Rolled Oats & quinoa since they are rich in fiber & have adequate nutrients in them that contribute to the overall health of the body.
  • Consider Dry Cereals:

    Cereals are great as they can be prepared quickly & individuals who consume them are less likely to be overweight. A Key item when choosing cereals is to check their facts & labels before you buy them. Consider Fiber-rich, protein giving wholesome cereals like True Elements Whole Oatmeal with chia & Real fruits. include Diet-friendly cereals, one of the best is to add Multigrain Diet Muesli.
  • Ditch Added sugar:

    Sugars in the diet can be Naturally occurring or Added. Many manufacturers add added sugars into soft drinks, cereals & milk products to sweeten it. These kinds of sugars are not good for your health. Added sugar contributes towards calories that lead to gaining extra weight or even obesity, without contributing any sort of nutrients in your body. Try including no-added-sugar muesli and oatmeal which has multigrain in them rather than any muesli/ breakfast cereal that has added sugars in it. Check ingredient list & nutritional information before consuming them.
  • Stay Active:

    While the quarantine doesn't allow us to go outside, it is important to stay active during self-isolation periods to keep your mind & body healthy. A great way is to do some jogging in your premises every day, and if your society doesn't allow you, Do Yoga, walking, jumping ropes & planks at home. It is extremely important to be physically active for your body & mental state since one can go under extreme anxiety issues & depression staying alone or stuck in one place.
  • Have enough water:

    Don't be dehydrated. Drink adequate water, even when you are thirsty, and make it a habit to drink a few sips every hour. Water helps your body to clear out toxins and waste along with acid build-ups that can lead to your kidney getting clogged. Dehydration leads to kidney stones & UTI.
    Start drinking six to eight glasses of water every day, it is okay to take pee-breaks every now and then, at least you will be active enough to take a few rounds to the bathroom ;)
  • Omega 3 & Vitamin D:

    Include Walnuts, Flax seeds, Chia seeds, fish, dairy products, beans, pulses & cereals into your diet, as they are a good source of Omega 3 & Vitamin D.
    Try consuming supplements like Fish oil, Cod-liver oil. These foods help in reducing the risk of heart diseases & also promotes healthy skin.
  • Get adequate sleep:

    Quarantine has made us not only lazy but has also contributed badly to our daily physical functioning. It has disrupted our sleeping pattern tremendously. While it is okay to watch movies till late at night, make sure you get enough sleep to function during the day, minimum 8-9 hours of sleep is mandatory each day. Avoid taking afternoon naps.
    Along with these tips, it is absolutely necessary to be extra cautious with your surroundings- wear a mask & use tissues while coughing and sneezing. It is very easy to be exposed with misinformation regarding Covid-19 on media & whatsapp forwarded messages. Thus, rely on only trust-worthy articles like government websites to get information about the news.

Stay Safe!

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