Raw Chia And Raw Sunflower Seeds Combo


  • MRP: Rs.300
True Elements
  • Raw Pumpkin Seeds contains minerals like Zinc.
  • As it has  Tryptophan, it can help in getting a sound sleep.
  • Raw Chia Seeds have ample fibre.
  • Rich in Protein.
  • Both the seeds are high in antioxidants.
True Elements

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Why Raw Chia And Raw Sunflower Seeds Combo is better than the rest?

True Elements chia and sunflower seeds combo is a fibre-rich pairing which helps improve your digestive system. These seeds can be eated with any snack or meal at any time of your day. Adding them to your meals will give you an extra boost of energy and goodness.

True Elements Raw Chia Seeds:

True Elements Raw Chia Seeds is a bundle of fibre, carbs and protein. It is known to provide the same amount of energy as any sports drink would to boost your athletic performance.

True Elements Raw Sunflower Seeds:

True Elements Raw Sunflower Seeds are a healthy and unique snack which has many health benefits. It has ample of vital nutrients like Zinc, Magnesium, Copper, etc. The seeds come in a super portable package which keeps it fresh, safe and travel-friendly.

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