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Reasons why your child should eat Oatmeal for breakfast!

  • Reasons why your child should eat Oatmeal for breakfast!

There is a list of many foods which kids and adults are usually fond of, but they are devoid of the required nutrients for their growth and development. Although they are delicious and appetizing, but somehow they fall short of the daily nutrient requirements. Therefore, in order to incorporate their daily intake of nutrients, a bowl of wholesome oatmeal can help them and benefit their health in a number of ways.

Oats are considered as one of the healthiest grains in the health community. There are different variants of oats available in the market like rolled oats, steel cut oats, instant oats, etc. One of the most nutritious variant of oats is that of rolled oats as it consists of all three kernels, i.e. it is purely a whole grain with no compromise of nutrients. These oats are naturally gluten-free, loaded with the necessary vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibre. These variants of oats usually take a longer time to cook as they are unprocessed.

Following is the list of benefits that a bowl of Oatmeal can nurture your body's health:

Rich source of Fibre and Nutrients:

Oatmeal made from Rolled Oats are loaded with a plenty amount of dietary fibre, magnesium, iron and zinc. For a child’s bone health and development, it is necessary for him/her to consume foods which are rich in essential nutrients. Since there is no compromise of nutrients in rolled oats, it is highly recommended for them to load up on a bowl of oatmeal dashed with fruits and nuts to give a healthy treat every morning.

Prevents constipation:

When a child gets exposure to a new variety of foods, he/she is bound to experience constipation. Being a rich source of both soluble and insoluble fibre, these foods provide a healthy gut environment to a child’s health. Fibre-rich foods act as a natural laxative which helps in preventing constipation. Fibre also adds bulk to the stools which speed up the digestion process and helps in easy passage of stools. It also regulates the bowel movements and strengthens the digestive tract.

Easily blends well with other foods:

People often tend to get bored by a bland bowl of oats or cereals. However, when given them with a right blend of delicious fruits, nuts and seeds, they will surely want to have more of it. Oatmeal being a king of breakfast foods, it easily blends well with other ingredients, thus giving a delicious treat to your taste buds every morning.

Promotes overall well-being:

Apart from fibre, Oatmeal is also a powerhouse of antioxidants which protects your body from the harmful bacteria from entering into your body and causing various diseases. Antioxidants ward off the harmful bacteria from sticking to the walls of arteries, prevents hardening of arteries and thus keeps your heart free from strokes, heart attacks, etc.

Give your family a bowl of wholesome oatmeal to keep him/her feeling full, and which will also provide a quick energy boost to them to sail through the day happily.

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