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Category: Breakfast

Spicy Quinoa Salad

Spicy Quinoa Salad

Most of us find salads to be bland and boring. How ‘bout a colorful, zesty quinoa salad that’s not only healthy but also a treat to the taste buds. This delightful salad is citrusy and light with the tanginess of lime juice and refreshing taste of fresh coriander. With quinoa and kidney beans in it, it also adds a



What’s the joy of summer without a cool bowl of salad! This delectable salad with cool greens, crunchy nuts, crisp fruits and chewy dried fruits is just perfect as a side dish or as your mid-evening meal. It is easy to prepare and is a nutritional powerhouse. Enjoy your evenings with a large salad bowl, well salads can be healthy and tasty as well!



Finding a way to cook with protein-rich quinoa? So why not include it in your salads! Quick Quinoa salad is an easy and tasty way to add this hearty ingredient in your healthy meals. It has tangy and nutty flavor and can go along with any meals, served as a light lunch or can be a part of your summer putlock



This is the season of luscious sweet corn and a super awesome way to have your corn is in the form of a cool salad. It is filled with the goodness of corn and also the power of the super ingredients- sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. It is a hearty way to have these splendid seeds that are brimming with nutrients and does so much good to the body.



Staying away from desserts because they are not very healthy? Now you need not. This super-healthy recipe will make you believe that desserts can be healthy too. The combination of luscious chia seeds and buttery cashew cream, this healthy dessert is a treat for your sweet tooth. Tossing in some sweet cherries adds colour to the dish and makes it absolutely drool worthy.


Steel Cut Oatmeal

Everyone’s had or heard about oatmeal. This popular dish with the superfood ‘oats’ is a consistent part of the breakfast regime for many of us. While the regular rolled oats and instant oats are healthy, won’t it be better to have a much more healthier version of our beloved oatmeal. Well, that’s possible with True Elements steel-cut oats. The nutty flavor and toothsome texture which the steel-cut oats impart are much better than the mushy and soupy regular oatmeal. This superb steel-cut oatmeal recipe delivers amazing texture and flavour along with loads of health benefits.



Steel-cut oats are a versatile ingredient which goes well in a variety of dishes, the only drawback being the extra time that it takes for cooking. Love your steel-cut oats for only being healthy and delectable? Well, with this recipe you’d have one more reason to love this superfood. Having your breakfast bowl with steel-cut oats ready in less than 3 minutes. Surprised? With this quick and simple recipe, you can do just that.

Beetroot Quinoa Patty


Who says healthy can’t be tasty? Wait till you try this new beetroot quinoa patty. Containing more than four superfoods, this recipe is a sure shot winner. It is flavourful and nutritious and most importantly, very easy to prepare. These patties are tender and moist on the inside and perfectly crisp on the outside. It is a perfect healthy alternative to your street food cravings. And do not forget the deep magenta hue that the raw beets impart which make these patties look irresistible.

Stir-Fried Black Rice With Cranberries

Stir-Fried Black Rice With Cranberries

Ever wondered how to incorporate the mystic forbidden rice into your diet? This quirky recipe will surely grab your fancy. A combination of the luxurious black rice, luscious corn, and tangy cranberries makes it a delectable addition to your main course.

Quinoa Veggi Pulav


The superfood quinoa is a versatile ingredient in your kitchen and you can make almost anything and everything using it. This quinoa pulao is your perfect lunchbox recipe as it doesn’t dry out like your regular rice pulao does. What’s more, it’s loaded with veggies which make it an apt weight loss food. So if you are shunning your favorite rice pulao, gorge on this healthier alternative!