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A Secret Door To Manushi Chhillar’s Success Story

  • A Secret Door To Manushi Chhillar’s Success Story

To win a Miss World is not everyone’s cup of tea. It takes hard work and sincere dedication to become perfect. Rigorous training and proper diet are what works while trying to maintain a perfect figure. Let us hop on to the ‘behind the scenes’ of Manushi Chhillar’s success story. Manushi Chhillar always wanted to be the one to bear the international beauty pageant. Regarding her workout and diet, she has always been very particular. After winning the Miss India Crown, her next aim was to hit the Miss World Crown.

This is how she achieved it:


It does not only help you in keeping your body slim but makes your body flexible enough and boosts the inner strength of the body. It is one of the great exercises to maintain a perfect body figure and toned muscles.


She regularly did planks and here is what she has to say, “The plank utilises almost every single muscle of your body and is one of the best exercises you can do for your body.”


On a regular basis, she does Pilates saying, “Pilates helps build strength, flexibility and lean muscle tone with an emphasis on lengthening the body and aligning the spine.”

Apart from this regular workout, she made sure to have a strict diet plan to cope up with the rigorous training. This is how she divided her meal plan into 6 parts, considering each one to contain high protein.

Early Morning:

Plain water or a glass of lime water to aid in digestion.


Fresh yogurt with oat or wheat flakes, fresh fruits and few nuts.


Fresh fruits.


2 chapattis, half bowl of brown rice, vegetable dish, raita, salad.


Smoothies made from fruits, Cucumber or carrot sticks with curd dip.


Quinoa salad or quinoa pulao with soup, grilled or roasted chicken, chickpeas or corn, tofu salad with soup.

Following this diet plan, she makes sure never to skip any meal, especially breakfast and she consumes 10-12 glasses of water every day. She also consumes low sugar foods and less fatty foods to stay fit and healthy. She always eats salads along with other food items while travelling to feel light and content. The secrets behind her glowing skin can be assumed as a natural beauty. But she deeply believes in staying happy and stress-free. She sleeps for at least 7-8 hours. She relieves stress by free running or just dancing on her favourite tunes. A mixture of balanced diet, happy face, a good intake of water and regular workout is what contributes to keeping Manushi Chhillar’s skin glowing and makes her appearance gorgeous.

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