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Make My Muesli, 400gm


Product Benefits

True Elements  Make My Muesli  lets you create your own choice of Muesli based on your preference of ingredients and toppings. To prepare your favourite Muesli, select any of the ingredients from the variety of options given below. Add dried fruits, seeds and nuts to make a delicious treat for yourself and stay energized the whole day.

Right from coffee mugs to mobile cases, you have always loved to customize your favourite things. What if we say you can even customize your favourite choice of breakfast (muesli) with your preference of ingredients and toppings? Yes, you heard it right.

True Elements My Muesli has come up with its most unique feature of preparing your own Muesli according to your choice. We have a variety of options for creating a perfect Muesli which includes Main Base, Sub Base, Sweetener, Dried Fruits, Seeds and Nuts. Choose your favourite ingredients amongst these and make yourself a delicious treat every morning to kickstart your day. Combination of these ingredients will not only make your Muesli your favourite snack but will also keep you healthy through various health benefits it provides


  • Rich source of fibre hence promotes weight loss.
  • Contains essential vitamins, minerals and proteins which is highly beneficial for weight watchers.
  • Also, a rich source of antioxidants which keeps inflammatory diseases at bay.

  • Possesses anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties due to the presence of honey.
  • Seeds and Nuts make it a crunchy and delicious snack option for sudden hunger pangs.
  • Super Diet: A mix of Quinoa flakes and wheat flakes ensures an adequate supply of protein, rolled oats provide fibre and carbohydrates required for feeling of fullness and energy supply. Bajra flakes being good source of iron ensures trigger for energy metabolism in very first meal of the day and ragi to ensure proper mineral intake.
  •  Grainy Mix: A perfect combination of traditional and modern grains to start the day with. Barley and wheat flakes are a good source of fibre essentially required for weight loss. Ragi flakes are a source of calcium for bone and oral health. Amaranth puff and Bajra flakes is a source of phenolic compounds and iron required for blood circulation and purification. Jowar flakes and Cornflakes being a good source of fibre increases bowel movement.
  • Fibre Crunch: A mixed bowl of complete breakfast cereal. Rolled oats provide the energy required to sustain throughout the day. Ragi flakes are loaded with calcium required for bone and oral health. Wheat flakes are helpful in weight loss. Jowar flakes being a good source of copper improves blood circulation and Amaranth puff being source of Dietary fibre is good for digestive health.

2 reviews for Make My Muesli, 400gm

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Pinky Jain


  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Interesting way to customize the muesli! Hard to find blueberry and hazelnuts otherwise.

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