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Crunchy Muesli Parfait

  By Yogesh

January 17, 2018

Tired of having your favourite muesli in the same old way. Well, who said there’s just one way of devouring your favourite breakfast. It’s time to revamp your good, old muesli and give it a tasty twist. Crunchy muesli, juicy , chewy berries and thick, flavorful Greek yogurt makes this recipe so full of awesomeness. What’s more? It’s super quick and easy to make and require minimal ingredients. It makes a healthy breakfast energetic snack or a delectable dessert after dinner. So, go ahead and try this healthy and tasty treat.

Prep: 10 mins
Cook: 15 mins

  • Yields: 2 Servings


1/2 cup Fruit and nut muesli

2 tbsp Dried Blueberries

5-6 Fresh strawberries

3/4 cup Plain Greek yoghurt


1Take a large mason jar and layer the fruits, muesli and Greek yogurt int alternate layers.

2You can drizzle some honey or maple syrup on top to add some sweetness or top it with your favorite nuts.

3Your crunchy muesli parfait is ready to be devoured.


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