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Quinoa Dosa REcipe

Quinoa Dosa

  By rohan

December 31, 2018

Convert your regular dosa into a more healthier one with this special unique recipe from the superfood Quinoa. Often consumed as a replacement for rice, this superfood can also give you delicious treats in different forms. Being versatile in nature, quinoa can easily absorb any flavours when cooked.

Quinoa Dosa is a tasty customisation of healthy ingredient quinoa to our regular Indian breakfast. A rich source of protein and fibre, this recipe when eaten as a breakfast can energise you and fill up your stomach while keeping you active for the rest of the day.


1 ½ cup of Quinoa

½ cup of White Rice.

¼ cup Urad Dal.

1 teaspoon of Fenugreek Seeds.

½ teaspoon of Cooking Oil.

A pinch of Salt.


1To prepare the batter for Quinoa Dosa, soak Quinoa, Rice, Urad Dal and Fenugreek Seeds for at least 4-6 hours in water.

2After soaking, grind it into a mixture to form a consistent batter.

3Transfer the batter into a large bowl and then add salt to taste. Mix this batter with hands to speed up the fermentation process. Rest this mixture overnight or for 6 hours.

4Heat the dosa pan on a high flame for 5 minutes. Spread ½ cup of dosa batter evenly onto the pan. Drizzle a teaspoon of cooking oil to the dosa.

5When the colour of the dosa turn golden brown, flip it to another side to make the other side crispier, for about 2 minutes. Your crispy Quinoa Dosa is ready to eat.

6Serve the dosa with Coconut Chutney and Sambar for a delicious treat to your taste buds.


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TS Nair

March 7, 2019

How many dosas ? Nutritional value per dosa. (Calories)

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