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Raw Flax Seeds, 500gm

Flax seeds, also known as Alsi, are small, shiny and flat in appearance that can be added to any of your foods. These are a tiny storehouse of vital nutrients.

Rs 194 Rs 200

Raw Chia Seeds, 500gm

Chia seeds are richest source of calcium which can help in improving the mineral bone density and strengthens the muscles.

Rs 441 Rs 450

Dried Cranberries (Whole), 125 gm

Dried Whole Cranberries are naturally sun-dried, with no addition of chemical preservatives, flavours or colours.

Rs 166 Rs 175

Dried Blueberries, 125gm

Blueberries possesses loads of benefits since it is a proud member of the superfood family. It is especially beneficial for fitness freaks.

Rs 356 Rs 375

Raw Pumpkin Seeds, 250gm

AAA graded premium quality seeds, with no nutritional compromise in it. In just a 100g serving, seeds are dense in calories and an excellent source of protein.

Rs 290 Rs 300

Raw Sunflower Seeds, 250gm

Raw Sunflower Seeds are highly nutritious food, beneficial for the entire body. It is an all-rounder food, which maintains the quality of skin, improves health and nourishes hair.

Rs 169 Rs 175