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7 Reasons why you should eat Chia Seeds

  • 7 Reasons why you should eat Chia Seeds

“While it may seem small, the ripple effect of small things is extraordinary” - Matt Bevin

This quote is extremely TRUE for us to describe the importance of these little Chia seeds for your health. These seeds are small but the “ripple” effect or the positives it gets on your health are extraordinary. They are packed with essential nutrients and are the healthiest seeds. Interestingly, Chia means “strength” in Mayan language and we can’t agree more for it to be called a superfood. They consist of Fibre, Protein, Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese, Zinc, Vitamin B1, B2, B3 and Phosphorus.

Here are 7 reasons why you should have Chia Seeds:

1.Antioxidants for Boosting Immunity

Chia seeds are known for its antioxidant properties which frees out radicals from your body which may harm your body cells. They act against growth of cancer cells and inflammation, thus reducing the risk of inflammatory diseases and strengthening the Immunity of our bodies.

2.Fiber for Weight Loss

High fibre content in Chia seeds is like one benefit leading to many associated benefits. Having high fibre makes the Chia seeds to absorb its weight and become gel like in your stomach. This then becomes beneficial as when you eat, absorption becomes slower, thus preventing you from consuming more calories and promoting weight loss at the same time.

3.Plant-protein for Stronger Bones

If you are a pure vegetarian, consuming Chia seeds will fill the protein gap for you. They are an excellent source of protein and should you consume them, you will feel energetic and help you throughout your day. It will also gradually strengthen your muscles as these seeds are also loaded with minerals such as Calcium, Zinc and Magnesium.

4.Low Cholesterol for Heart Health

Heart diseases are directly linked with high amounts of Cholesterol in your body. Chia seeds prevent the levels from rising and lowers the risk of heart diseases. They also help in reducing the blood pressure. So for people suffering from blood pressure issues, having Chia would be highly beneficial.

5.Sugar-free for Diabetics

Due to high fibre content, the chia seeds absorb the excess sugar from blood and prevents health issues like diabetes. Having a high fibre diet reduces the risk of diabetes and maintains stability in blood sugar. Our Chia Seeds are completely devoid of any added sugar in it.

6.Dietary Fibre for Digestion

As mentioned before, Chia seeds contain a huge amount of fibre which helps in reducing constipation. No constipation implies a healthy digestive system and a clean and regular digestive tract. This results in having regular bowel movements and timely excretion of toxins from the body.

7.Calcium for Strong Dental Health

Good dental health comes from calcium and also from iron and potassium. This perfect combination can be found in Chia Seeds which you can consume for a long term benefit on your teeth.

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