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29gm Plant Protein Per 100g

Roasted Protein Mix Seeds - Build Muscle Strength

  • Price: Rs.146
    M.R.P.: Rs.149
  • The richest source of dietary fibres.
  • Protein Mix Seeds are good source of Zinc.
  • An excellent source of Protein.
  • Contains all 9 essential amino acids.
  • Great as a snack too.
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Product Features
Health Benefits Protein helps in muscle strength, Good for hair and skin health
Good Source Of Protein, Zinc, Vitamin E
Shelf Life 6 Months

As soon as you hear protein, the only thing which pops in your mind is one of the best sources of protein like eggs, spinach, meat, etc. But is everybody really comfortable in consuming these foods? What if we say, we have natural sources of protein in the form of a snack, which can provide exactly the same amount of protein as it can be found in eggs. What if we say, there will be no more a fight/struggle for vegans and vegetarians to search for protein-rich food sources?

You might be eating enough protein all through the day, but do you eat the right kind of protein every day?

True Elements Protein Mix is a crunchy mix of premium quality ingredients which are high in protein and filled with the goodness of perfectly roasted seeds, along with a pinch of rock salt to add to its taste.

Our Protein Mix sets a higher value of health food for gym freaks and fitness enthusiasts. It is specially curated for meeting the daily requirement of protein. Extremely high in protein, this delectable mix of crunchy seeds is purely natural with no additives or artificial colours.

Special features of Protein Mix:

Heart-healthy Crunchy Delight:

The almonds added in this mixture of protein mix is a rich source of unsaturated fats.This mix is also jammed with a good amount of antioxidants that may prevent the foreign particles from entering into the body and causing infections..

Energetic Power Snack for a Fresh Start:

Thanks to the No Added Sugar in it, which can be an added advantage to the sugar-conscious people.

Post-workout Gym-friendly Rescue:

The protein content found in a 50g serving (2 tablespoons) of Protein Mix is equal to consuming 2 whole eggs, one of the best sources of Protein for vegetarians & vegans.

Benefits of Protein Mix:

Pumpkin Seeds:

- Our pumpkin seeds are AAA graded premium quality seeds. This tiny powerhouse of dietary fibres is considered to be a perfect munching mix to the crispy seeds mix.

- Being loaded with fibre and plant-protein, it is good for the overall health of the body.

Watermelon Seeds:

- Our watermelon seeds are considered to be one of the most nutrient-dense varieties of seeds amongst all.

- They are filled with abundant plant-based protein, contributing almost 10-15% of your daily requirement of protein.

Soy Nuts:

- Right when you hear protein, the first ingredient which comes into your mind is Soy nuts. Filled with abundant protein, soy nuts are a quick fix to your daily protein requirements.

- Apart from the protein, they might also be helpful in lowering cholesterol levels and improving your heart health.


- Almonds are considered to be one of the most popular tree nuts.

- They are filled with massive nutrients like monounsaturated fats, protein, minerals like Zinc & Magnesium, all of which are highly beneficial in maintaining the overall health of the body.

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7 in 1 Super-seeds Protein Mix 5 in 1 Super-seeds Antioxidant Mix 4-in-1 Trail Mix
Dietary Fibre (per 100g) 18g 8g 16g 18g 12g
Protein (per 100g) 24g 29g 25g 21g 19g
Energy (Kcal) 547 Kcal 362 Kcal 569 Kcal 574 Kcal 526 Kcal
Added Sugar 0g 0g 0g 0g 0g
Ingredients Pumpkin Seeds, Watermelon Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Flax Seeds, Soynuts, White Sesame Seeds, Chia Seeds, Natural Soy Lecithin Pumpkin Seeds, Watermelon Seeds, Almonds, Soynuts, Rock Salt, Natural Soy Lecithin Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Flax Seeds, Chia Seeds, Watermelon Seeds, Natural Soy Lecithin Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Flax Seeds, Chia Seeds, Watermelon Seeds, Goji Berry, Natural Soy Lecithin Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Flax Seeds, Dried Cranberries, Soy Lecithin.
Recommended Serving Size 30g 30g 30g 30g 30g
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