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Gluten Free Whole Oat Groats - Protein Rich

  • MRP: Rs.325
True Elements
  • Oat Groats are rich in fibre.
  • High in Iron.
  • Oat Groats contain 11g Protein.
  • Filled with essential nutrients.
  • Naturally gluten-free.
True Elements

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Why Gluten Free Whole Oat Groats - Protein Rich is better than the rest?

Oat Groats are whole oat grains which are cleaned, hulled and toasted. These whole grains can be consumed as cereal or cooked as a grain.

True Elements Whole Oat Groats are naturally 100% gluten-free. With a slightly nutty flavour, these oats can become a staple food in your pantry. They are nutritious, packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Being fiber-rich, these grains are a perfect replacement to our regular high carb staples like rice. Our oats groats for weight loss are whole-grain certified, with no nutritional compromise, providing all the essential nutrients required for maintaining the overall health of your body.

How To Use Gluten Free Whole Oat Groats - Protein Rich:

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