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Sunflower Seeds Combo - Vitamin E Rich

Sunflower Seeds Combo - Vitamin E Rich


  • Price: Rs.410
    M.R.P.: Rs.423
  • Healthy source of essential fats that help maintain a healthy cardiovascular system.
  • Contains a high amount of phytosterols that promotes healthy cholesterol levels.
  • Rich source of magnesium and selenium.
  • A healthy snack to promote a healthy mood.
  • Contains minerals that help maintain healthy bones.
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Product Features
Includes Raw Sunflower Seeds 150gm + Roasted Sunflower Seeds 125gm + Chilli Masala Sunflower 125gm
Shelf Life 6 Months
Health Benefits Improves Skin Health, Anti-inflammatory, Speeds up Metabolism, Supports Weight loss

True Elements Raw Sunflower Seeds:

Raw Sunflower Seeds are highly nutritious food, beneficial for the entire body. It is an all-rounder food, which maintains the quality of the skin, improves health and nourishes hair.

True Elements Raw Sunflower Seeds are purely natural, jumbo and unprocessed seeds, extracted from a sunflower in its pure form. They possess a mild nutty taste, which cannot resist you from wanting it more and has a firm texture. Our seeds make a welcome addition to health-conscious diets.

True Elements Roasted Sunflower Seeds:

Roasted sunflower seeds are a quick source of energy. They might be small in size, yet a handful of these seeds can have a healthy effect on your body. They are coming in spotlight as a healthy snack because of its nutrition.

True Elements Roasted Sunflower Seeds are roasted absolutely perfect They are an appetizing yet guilt-free snack. It has a nutty flavor with a little saltiness. They have a firm texture and are delicious enough to be added to your diet.

True Elements Chilli Masala Sunflower Seeds:

Sunflower Seeds are one of the healthiest, and magnesium-rich snacks which can curb your hunger pangs in no time. Light and crispy, with a warm, nutty flavour, these seeds when blended perfectly with chilli powder and black pepper can make a lip-smacking hot, peppery on-the-go snack to gratify your spicy snack cravings.

True Elements Chilli Masala Sunflower Seeds are premium quality Jumbo Sunflower Seeds which are 100% natural, giving your taste buds a spicy kick while maintaining your health requirements.

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