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Spinach Chia Smoothie

Spinach Chia Smoothie
19 May 2020


The green god of all smoothies, this healthy yet tasty smoothie is the easiest to make. All you need is just 3-4 ingredients, a blender and 5 minutes of your day. Loaded with abundant nutrients in Spinach, this wholesome smoothie can really amp you up for the rest of the day, keeping you active and fuels you up with the required dose of nutrients. When combined with Chia Seeds, this will take your smoothie cravings to a whole new different level.


2 cups Spinach finely chopped
1.5 cups water
2 tbsp Chia Seeds
Frozen Blueberries

Directions (For qty, refer to the ingredients section)

  1. To make a spinach chia smoothie, blend 2 cups of spinach, 1.5 cups of water, & 2 tbsp of Chia Seeds.
  2. Then add one peeled orange, a cup of strawberries, and a cup of frozen blueberries and blend again.
  3. Pour it in a glass & serve chilled!
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