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Spinach Quinoa Salad

Spinach Quinoa Salad
19 Sep 2020


For the ones who are not a big, great fan of Salads, this delicious and unique Protein-packed Spinach Quinoa Salad is the one thing you're probably missing out! Indulge into a nutrient-pool of Quinoa and increase your love for salads here on!


½ cup True Elements Quinoa
½ cup Chopped spinach
Chopped garlic
Sliced beetroot
Boiled sweetcorn

Directions (For qty, refer to the ingredients section)

  1. Boil quinoa in water for about 15-20 min till soft. Set aside once done.
  2. Heat oil in a pan and add the chopped garlic. Stir till garlic releases aroma and turn slight golden.
  3. Add chopped spinach.
  4. Add salt and pepper as per requirement and cook till spinach turns tender.
  5. Add the cooked quinoa and mix well.
  6. Let it cook for 1-2min and then remove from heat.
  7. Place in a bowl along with sweetcorn, beetroot and carrot.

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