Harippa Pumpkin Honey Roasted, 125gm

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> Source of plant-based protein.
> Fiber and antioxidant rich snack.
> Source of tryptophan. 
> Contains plant based omega 3 fats.
> Loaded with minerals :  zinc and magnesium.

Heart Health
Diabetes Management

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Need a quick nutritional sweet treat? Sweet Pumpkin seeds are a great option. Made with a little sweetness added to the superfood Pumpkin, it is an amazing snack or dessert option.

True Elements (harippa) Pumpkin seed honey roasted is specially curated for the sweet treat lovers. The unique nutty flavour of Pumpkin seeds clubbed with the awesomeness of honey. Not just a tasty snack but also a powerful antioxidant that benefits your overall health.Inspired with what the earlier civilization used to eat, our Harippa snacks combine the heritage of ancient civilizations and the taste of today – a unique blend of ancient bites and modern taste.

Flavour: Our unique blend of honey and jaggery adds a mild sweetness to perfectly roasted crunchy pumpkin seeds. These seeds have a sweet yet nutty flavour and earthy aroma.


How can Pumpkin seeds (Honey Roasted) improve your health?

  • Are you diabetic and avoiding sweet snack? Pumpkin seeds are here for help: Being diabetic doesn’t mean leaving desserts altogether. It just means having healthy sweet treats.Pumpkin seeds (honey crunch) is one such healthy sweet treat. It contains magnesium which helps prevent diabetic complication. Raw honey doesn’t interfere with your sugar levels.
  • Are you popping some immune boosting pills?Have pumpkin seeds instead: Pumpkin seeds are a rich source of several antioxidants which reduces oxidative stress and boosts immunity. It also contains zinc which provides immune support. . . .
  • Facing difficulty sleeping? Snack on sweet pumpkin seeds: Pumpkin seeds contains tryptophan which promotes sound sleep.
  • Are you always on low spirits? Snack on honey pumpkin treats”: Sweets have an ability to make your happy. Besides this, pumpkin seeds contain magnesium which soothes your nerves and makes you calm. It also reduces anxiety and can help soothe depression.
  • Trying to stay away from heart problems? Snack on these seeds: Magnesium helps maintain a healthy heart. Healthy fats and fiber can reduce cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart problems.
  • Protein for vegans and vegetarians: Vegetarians and vegans find it difficult to find a reliable protein source. Pumpkin seeds are a rich source of protein.

Besides this, pumpkin seeds (honey crunch) can be a great snack to lose weight. It can also be a great source of nutrient for the people who avert gluten from their diet.



Harippa Pumpkin Honey Roasted


How to use:

These seeds can be confused directly as a mid meal snack. They are great to be served as a quick post-meal dessert and is a excellent post-workout snack.

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