People who have a sweet tooth often feel guilty about every sweet morsel they consume, due to the health hazards associated with refined sugar. However, if you conduct a little-organized research online, you will find that fortunately for these souls there is an easy and delicious way out of the problem. This solution is provided by nature in the form of honey which has been used since ancient times as a sweetener.

Not only is honey far better than sugar or other sweetening agents, but also has many additional benefits for the health of the body. In fact, honey is used in many medicinal systems like Ayurveda to treat many mild ailments. Even modern scientific research has proved that honey helps prevent heart disease and cancer, it reduces ulcers and other gastrointestinal disorders and has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. At the same time, honey is used for a treatment of a cough and throat infections often mixed with ginger juice. Honey also enhances athletic performance, helps regulate blood sugar and aids in the healing of wounds and burns.

In fact, according to Ayurveda and even some modern research, honey is safe even for diabetics as it does not have a negative impact on blood sugar levels. Looking at these enormous benefits of this gift of nature, True Elements has come up with a wide range of combinations of honey with several other beneficial ingredients like ginger, neem, and raw acacia. Most people who are aware of herbal products know the benefits of ginger, neem, and raw acacia. Hence when you consume these honey combinations you also get the benefits derived from these ingredients.

In fact, True Elements also provides its customers honey in its raw and organic form. The best part about the honey products provided by this company is that they do not contain any artificial flavoring agents, preservatives or any other harmful chemicals. This makes them safe for consumption regardless of age as even children and aged people can consume them. At the same time, these honey products can be added to tea, coffee or other beverages and foods as sweeteners which will also enhance the taste of the beverage or the dish.

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Raw Organic Honey, 350gm

Rs.315 Rs.245 22% off

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Ginger Honey, 350gm

Rs.300 Rs.255 15% off

True Elements Raw Ginger Honey is a healthy combination of two prevailing ingredients – Honey and Gi.....

Raw Acacia Honey 350gm

Rs.330 Rs.280 15% off

Acacia Honey is also known as the ‘King of Honeys’. It is one of the most wanted nectar produced fro.....

Honey Shots 160gm

Rs.220 Rs.160 27% off

True Elements Honey Shots are one of the healthiest rescues to your sudden sweet cravings. It comes .....


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Neem Honey 350gm

Rs.330 Rs.280 15% off

Raw Neem Honey is a nectar extracted from the miraculous neem plant. It has an amazing dark colour w.....