Vinegar is used for centuries now in many households and culinary purposes. Most common natural vinegar used for health purpose is apple cider vinegar. There are even health benefits which are scientifically proven. Medically, it is proven that apple cider vinegar has powerful healing compounds.

ACV is made by squeezing apple juice from apple, the juice is mixed with good bacteria or yeast, the juice then ferments and forms alcohol. This alcohol is fermented again. This final product is known to us as Apple Cider Vinegar.

The acetic acid in apple cider vinegar is an important component and because of its presence, it has a sour taste. The acetic acid in it kills unwanted bacteria and supports the growth of healthy bacteria. It kills germs and bacteria; hence along with consumption purposes, it is also used for cleaning. It is a good option as a preservative. It lowers blood sugar levels and comes in handy for the people who are suffering from diabetes.

Daily small consumption of natural vinegar also helps in maintaining weight, as it has a low-calorie level in it and helps in satisfying hunger. It is loaded with antioxidant and helps in lowering cholesterol levels in the body. This feature of vinegar helps in maintaining good health of the heart. There are some studies proving that it has the ability to kill or shrink cancer cells.

The important components of apple cider vinegar are acetic acid, potassium, magnesium, good bacteria and enzymes. These different nutrients in ACV provide us with many benefits. It helps in detoxification, acid reflux, hair conditioning, balancing pH, teeth whitening, tones skin, etc. Along with health benefits of body it also has many cosmetic benefits. True Elements offer different flavours and mixtures of natural vinegar.

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