When it comes to the daily caffeine fix, most people’s first thought goes to coffee. Of course in most parts of the world coffee is the most popular energy beverage, but some countries like India, UK etc. have a population which prefers tea. At the same time, even in the coffee drinking parts of the world, most people are becoming aware of the benefits of teas like green tea, black tea, Darjeeling tea etc. This is the reason that True Elements has come up with a range of regular and flavored teas that will appease the taste buds of the most difficult to please tea connoisseurs.

Of course, there is the regular tea which also has its own benefits if brewed correctly. However, green tea and black tea are even more beneficial due to the high content of antioxidants which act as anti-aging agents. This anti-aging action is due to the action of anti-oxidants which negate the effect of free radicals in the body. These free radicals are a product of the natural bodily processes, due to environmental and other reasons, they can be more active than usual in some people. The antioxidants present in green and black tea, work against these free radicals which reduce the effect of the aging process on all the body organs and most notably the skin and hair. As a result, a person not only stays fit for a long time but also looks young.

Then again in the range of teas provided by True elements there is chamomile tea which is a well-known herbal medicine being used since ancient times. Even today, herbalists suggest the consumption of chamomile tea in order to treat ailments like stress, anxiety, insomnia etc. The other teas available with True Elements include yellow saffron tea, Oolong tea, green tea with Tulsi, green tea with spearmint etc. As most people with a little knowledge of herbal medicine will know, saffron, tulsi, spearmint and oolong tea are very beneficial for the health. They are used in herbal medicinal systems to treat many different ailments including cold and cough, mild infections, and more. Hence regular consumption of these teas will help you avoid these ailments and go a long way in keeping you fit and healthy.

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Spearmint Green Tea 100gm

Rs.300 Rs.240 20% off

The least pungent and subtle amongst the mint family, Spearmint has a very old place in human life. .....

Spearmint Infusion Tea 100gm

Rs.250 Rs.200 20% off

The tisane with the wonders of Spearmint leaves. This tea is native to Central America and is a perf.....

Roasted Darjeeling Tea 100gm

Rs.300 Rs.255 15% off

 Darjeeling tea, also known as the champagne of teas is a pure black tea grown in the foothills.....

Oolong Tea 50gm

Rs.270 Rs.230 15% off

Whether you want to lose weight, prevent eczema or just protect yourself from cancer, this is just w.....

Darjeeling Black Tea 100gm

Rs.180 Rs.170 6% off

Darjeeling tea, also known as the champagne of teas is a pure black tea grown in the foothills of Da.....

Green Tea with Tulsi 100gm

Rs.200 Rs.160 20% off

True Elements Tulsi Green Tea is a brew that can revitalize and slim you down. It is an impeccable b.....

Chamomile Tea 100gm

Rs.220 Rs.198 10% off

Chamomile tea is a golden colour, delectable, fruity flavoured tea. Unlike black or green tea, this .....