Quinoa Gluten Free, 500gm

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› Contains all essential amino acids, necessary for your body.
› High source of fibre.
› Also rich in antioxidants.
› Helpful to lose weight and reduces the risk of heart failures.
› Possesses anti-inflammatory properties.

Whole Grain
Rich in Protein

True elements Gluten Free Quinoa is totally gluten free, composed of a mixture of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, required by the body for carrying out the functioning of the overall system. 

The gluten-free property of quinoa makes it more special, beneficial in certain disorders of the body and keeping you healthy throughout.


How can Gluten Free Quinoa improve your health?

  • Boost your metabolism: Consumption of this superfood in the form of a snack can highly strengthen your metabolism because of the presence of all the nine essential amino acids.
  • Stay away from the risk of heart diseases: Because of the high content of fibre in quinoa, it can help you from the danger of any heart problem. Also, it helps in losing weight, since it contains a high amount of fibre, keeping your stomach full for a longer time.
  • Want to hit the frequent headaches? Consume this food item to cure headaches. Presence of vitamin b-2 in quinoa is known to heal headaches and migraines.
  • Magnesium is essential for carrying out the proper functioning of enzymes. Hence, it can boost your immunity due to magnesium present in it.



Whole quinoa grains.


When to prefer?

It can be replaced as a healthy snack. You can make upma, poha, porridge with quinoa. It can also be consumed in place of rice during meals.

Brand True Elements
Food Preference Vegetarian
Health Benefit Immunity Booster
Shelf Life 12 Months
Specialty High in Protein
Type Quinoa
Weight 500gm

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