Raw Pumpkin Seeds 150gm

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› Highly rich source of antioxidants.
› Rich in vitamin E and fatty acids like omega-3.
› Totally gluten-free.
› Rich source of tryptophan, helpful in getting a sound sleep.
› Also contains phytosterols.

Contains Zinc
Diabetes Management

Pumpkin seeds are also known as Pepita seeds. They are considered as a super food because of its unique taste and nutritious value. Because of its nutrients, they are helpful in fighting diseases.

True Elements Raw Pumpkin seeds are of a high quality and purely natural, jammed with nutrients. If you want taste along with health benefits, then these seeds are definitely made for you.

Flavour: They have a soft & chewy texture with a mild nutty flavour. 

How is Raw Pumpkin seeds beneficial for your health?

  • Are you looking for a dietary edge? These seeds are perfect for you: Rich source of healthy fats. They also contain minerals like zinc and magnesium. Adding them to your diet can significantly improve your fitness level.
  • Want to boost your performance? Your quest is complete:  It is a rich source of protein which can be consumed in place of protein shakes. It boosts in repairing the muscle tissues and makes your bones strong, keeping you fit and healthy.
  • Having immunity problems? Boost immunity with these seeds:  It contains zinc which is important for the metabolism of the body, thereby boosting immunity.
  • At a risk of high sugar levels? It can help: They can help manage blood sugar level. Magnesium has a positive effect on the sugar levels.  It has the properties that improve insulin regulation and help prevent diabetic complications.
  • For postmenopausal women: They are a rich in phytoestrogens that may lead to increase in good cholesterol and decrease in blood pressure, joint pains, headaches and other menopausal symptoms in women.
  • Does overactive bladder affect you? It can help: Researchers have proved that consumption of these seeds can help to cure the bladder infections.
  • Have a healthy heart: Rich in healthy fats, antioxidants, and fiber it has been proved to carry out proper functioning of the heart which keeps it free from strokes.
  • For men, it is helpful in infertility problems: It is an important food for men’s health. High zinc content of seeds is beneficial for the prostate gland. High zinc content can also improve sperm quality and fertility.
  • Having trouble in sleeping? Snack on seeds: It is a good source of tryptophan which helps in getting you a sound sleep at night and avoids sleep disorders.

Besides, these seeds also eradicate nutritional deficiency if any. They also help in boosting memory and brain development. 



Raw Pumpkin Seeds.


How to use:

Raw Pumpkin seeds can be consumed as a raw snack or can be added to your salads. A paste of these seeds can be added along with ginger, lemon extract, pepper to burgers and rolls. It can even be sprinkled on top of smoothies to add more taste.

Brand True Elements
Food Preference Vegetarian
Health Benefit Regulate B.P.
Shelf Life 4 Months
Specialty Rich in Omega-3
Type Raw Seeds
Weight 150gm

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