Roasted Flax Seeds 125gm

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› Rich source of Proteins.
› High fiber superfood.
› Loaded with Lignans and antioxidants.
› Helps lower blood pressure levels.
› Protective effect against breast cancer.

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Flax seeds, commonly known as Alsi in Hindi, are obtained from the flax plant. The seeds were well known for their health benefits since bygone times. True Elements Roasted Flax Seeds are tastier and better version of flaxseeds without any nutritional compromise. The tiny brownish seeds provide a host of nutritional benefits and are seeds ought to be included in your diet & also known as Alsi Seeds. These seeds are warm with subtle nutty flavor, versatile enough to be added in any of your meals. These seeds are must have ones if you are a vegetarian.


  • Prime source of Omega 3 fatty acids.
  • Packed with vitamin B and other vitamins.
  • Rich source of dietary fiber and protein.
  • Laden with antioxidants.
  • Contains alpha linoleic acid and several lignans.
  • Low carbohydrate content.


Benefits of Flax Seeds:

  • Aid in weight loss: They keep you fuller for a longer time and decrease your mid meal cravings. This, in turn, reduces your calorie intake and aids in weight loss.
  • Maintains healthy digestive system: Seeds are laden with dietary fiber and are laxative in nature. Dietary fiber regulates proper bowel movements and prevents digestive problems like constipation and irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Keeps diabetes at bay: Lignans help in controlling blood sugar and builds up insulin sensitivity in glucose intolerant patients. It also improves fasting blood sugar levels.
  • Heart healthy: They lower the LDL levels and averts the formation of plaque in arteries, thus helping in maintaining steady blood flow. It also reduces the risk of hypertension.
  • Protects from cancer: Several lignans in seeds control hormone related cancers and tumors. High level of fatty acids and lignans aids in combating prostate, colon and breast cancer.
  • Boost brain health: It is considered as smart food. Omega 3 fatty acid is essential for proper development of the brain. It is a rich source of this fatty acid and hence is useful in the treatment of several psychological problems like memory loss, attention deficit syndrome, depression, and several other mental disorders.
  • Nourishes skin: Omega 3 fatty acid combats acne, allergy and protects the skin from harmful UV rays.
  • Regularize hormonal imbalance in women: Lignans help regularize hormonal imbalances especially in women. The antioxidants also aid in reducing the menopausal and postmenopausal symptoms like hot flashes, mood swings etc. and improves psychological health. It also regulates ovulation process and aids in steady and proper menstrual cycle.



Flax seeds, Natural identical nut flavor, antioxidant (E319) and Pinch of extra virgin olive oil.


How to use:

Roasted flax seeds can be consumed directly or can be added in salads and flours. It can also be added in the smoothie, juices and energy drinks.

Brand True Elements
Food Preference Vegetarian
Health Benefit Weight Loss
Shelf Life 6 Months
Specialty Rich in Fiber
Type Roasted Seeds
Weight 125gm

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