Brazil Nuts, 150gm

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› Selenium powerhouse.
› Gluten -free.
› Contains Omega 6 fatty acids
› Protein rich nuts.
› Contains Vitamin E, B complex and several minerals.

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Brazil nuts are quickly becoming one of the hottest foods for improving health and longevity. They are delicious and nutrient laden large brown-colour nuts. These are underrated nuts from the nut family. Not many foods are able to improve your sexual performance, protect against cancer, and boost your metabolism, but nuts can!

True Elements Brazil Nuts are of superior quality and can do a lot good to your body.

Flavour: They have a rich creamy texture which makes it a great snack. Some people don’t like its flavour, hence consume it roasted.


How can brazil nuts help improve your health?

  • Fight off colds, flu and chronic disease with this super nut: Selenium is a mineral that plays a vital role in antioxidant defence mechanism. It reduces oxidative stress and protects the body from infections.  Vitamin E also helps boosts immunity.
  • Wants to keep your ticker going? Snack on this nuts:  Selenium reduces blood clotting. Healthy fats reduce the cholesterol level and omega fats reduce the risk of strokes.
  • Do you frequently have fractures? Have these creamy nuts: These nuts promotes healthy muscle and bone functioning. Magnesium boosts muscle health and copper helps maintains healthy bone and connective tissue.
  • Have few nuts to love your thyroid back to health: Selenium is considered thyroid healthy. It helps in the conversion of inactive thyroid hormone into active.
  • Struggling to keep your weight off? Snack on these nuts: Though high in calorie content, this nut is a rich source of fiber and proteins which promote satiety and prevents hunger cravings, thus reducing your portion intake and helping in maintaining a healthy weight.
  • Nuts for the gut-makeover: Fiber facilitates the proper bowel movements and avoids bloating and constipation. Selenium also promotes healthy metabolism.

  • Want a look young again? Have some of these creamy nuts: Selenium and Vitamin E offers a unique glow to the skin and prevents premature aging. Copper is an essential mineral for maintaining healthy skin while zinc inhibits acne and dryness of skin.  Vitamin E and C decreases your skin’s age.
  • Calling all men, boost your fertility with this nuts: Antioxidants prevent cellular damage. Selenium boosts testosterone levels and improves sperm mobility.
  • Want to fight cancer? Have 6 nuts daily: The higher the selenium, the lower the rate of breast cancer.It may reduce the risk of, prostate, colon, lung and stomach cancer.
  • Worried that your body doesn’t have enough iron? this Nuts can help: High levels of Zinc in Nuts can help fulfil its deficit. People with iodine deficiency suffer from decreased absorption of selenium. Since these nuts are loaded with selenium its help treat the deficiency.

Besides, Brazil nuts also help maintain hormone function and fasten wound healing.



Brazil nuts.


How to consume?

Two to four nuts daily as a snack. It can also be added to your sweets and cakes.

Brand True Elements
Food Preference Vegetarian
Health Benefit Lowers Cholesterol
Shelf Life 12 Months
Specialty Antioxidants
Type Nuts
Weight 150gm

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