Roasted Flax and Watermelon Seed Blend 125gm

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> Rich source of healthy omega 3 fats.
> Contains several vitamins.
> Fiber rich snack.
> Contains copper, iron and magnesium.
> Loaded with antioxidants.

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Seeds are nutritional powerhouses. It is always better to have two good things than one. This seed mix is a blend of nourishing seeds that can quickly add goodness in your diet.

True Elements Blend of Roasted Flax & watermelon seeds is the perfect mix of two nutrient rich super seeds. Both the seeds are brimmed with nutrition and health benefit. This crusty blend of seeds is perfect to boost health with taste.

Flavour: Flax and Watermelon Seeds Blend (Roasted ) has a subtle nutty flavour and earthy aroma. These are unexpectedly delicious with a crispy texture.


How can ROASTED FLAX AND WATERMELON SEEDS improve your health?

  • Trying to maintain your waistline? Add this blend to your diet: Seeds are rich in fiber which promotes healthy bowel movements, promotes satiety and suppresses hunger, thus reducing the overall calorie intake and helping in weight management. It is also a low-calorie snack in itself, hence it reduces your calorie intake during snack time. Watermelon seeds contain several amino acids which improve body's metabolism.
  • Is it too difficult to keep your blood sugar levels maintained? Have this seed mix to ease it up: Magnesium improves plasma glucose, keeps your blood sugar levels in check and is hence beneficial for diabetic patients who find it hard to keep their sugar levels in control. . . .
  • Filling your palate with heart-healthy foods? Don’t forget to add this seed blend: Seeds help maintain blood lipid levels and prevents hardening of arteries. It also aids in reducing blood pressure and the risk of heart ailments. Magnesium aids in normal functioning of the heart.
  • Does your brain needs rest and nutrition? Have seed blend: Vitamin B helps maintain healthy nervous system. Magnesium reduces stress of nerves and helps calm down. It even reduces stress, anxiety and prevents cognitive memory decline. Vitamins help produce serotonin that improves your mood. It also helps regulate your sleep patterns.
  • Is your irregular digestion hindering your work? Add these seeds in your food: Being a good source of fiber, it aids in digestion, maintains healthy bowel movements and prevents problems of constipation and irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Trying to stay young? Snack on the seeds: Seeds contain several antioxidants which protect your skin from pigmentation. Fats can maintain the glow of your skin and prevent dry skin. They also prevent the appearance of wrinkles. It provides more calcium than milk and can help boost bone mineral density, thus combating bone related problems that are common in old age. It can also prevent cognitive memory decline. .

Besides, this seed blend can also help improve male fertility and reduce PMS symptoms in females.



Roasted Flax and Watermelon Seed


How to use:

The blend of Roasted Seeds, Flax & Watermelon, can be consumed directly as guilt-free snacks or can be added to any of your cuisines. Recommended to be added in your bakery products, salads, dips, and smoothies. .

Brand True Elements
Food Preference Vegetarian
Health Benefit Acts Against Cancer
Shelf Life 6 Months
Specialty Rich in Minerals
Type Roasted Seeds
Weight 125gm

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