Gluten Free Rolled Oats, 1kg

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› Less processed and healthy.
› High in fiber.
› Great source of carb.
› Fiber keeps you fuller for a longer time.
› Helping in weight loss.

Rich Protein
Source Of Fiber

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What are rolled oats?

Old fashioned or rolled oats are the most versatile oats of the healthy oats family. The whole groats of the oats are steamed, softened and then pressed between the rollers to form a rolled oats flake. They are half -cooked. Most of the people especially kids find oats so pale and mushy. While there are some fitness freaks and athletes who gaze upon this hot bowl of oats with some dreamy eyes. Are you an oat lover? If not, here are few reasons why you should take the oat oath and eat more of rolled oats.


Why have rolled oats?

After a battle of sugary cereals and old fashioned oatmeal, the health forces to end the love affair with sugar and we soon realise that oatmeal is a lot more than just a healthy breakfast. It is a power packed energy food and is loaded with vitamins, minerals, especially Vitamin B1 and magnesium. These oats are loaded with multi talent nutrient, fiber and also contains beta glucan They are loaded with antioxidants called avenanthramide, which is unique only to oats. It also falls on the low end of the glycemic index.


Why have rolled oats?

Modest oats hide their virtues in their little hulls. They were originally cultivated for medicinal purposes but soon became a staple food because of its myriad health benefits.

  • Decrease your love handles and belly fat with a bowl of oats:
    • Oats are loaded with loads of nutrients especially fiber, that fills you up, controls your appetite and reduces your unnecessary hunger pangs, thus helping you maintain weight.
  • Regularize your bowel with some oats:
    • Fiber promotes healthy bowel movements and reduces the risk of gastrointestinal problems.
    • Manage your blood sugar: For the same reason that it helps to stave off hunger, it also helps stabilize the blood glucose level and prevents blood sugar spiking.
    • Lower the risk of heart diseases: Oats can help manage your cholesterol level and blood pressure.

Besides, Rolled Oats are perfect to be added to the face mask to shield your skin.


Who can eat Rolled Oats?

Rolled oats are not only nutritious but are loved by people of all ages.

  • A bowl of oats for the kids: Kids prefer the calorie-laden cereals over oats. You can also cook them in a better way than making them pushy so that they are loved by the kids. A bowl of oats is an excellent source of energy, which can keep your kids power intact for hours. They even help in increase memory, improve concentration, boosting immunity, growing stronger teeth and maintaining a healthy nervous system.
  • Diabetic and a Food lover? Try eating oats:
    When you eat oats, your body will absorb it slowly, thus preventing sugar spikes. Just be sure you don’t add too much sugar in the mushy oats. It also helps lower cholesterol, which is a good news for the diabetic patients.
  • Fitness freaks or obese people, both can enjoy oats:
    Oats can fill you up quickly, reduce your calorie intake and help maintain a healthy body. It prevents mid-meal hunger cravings and increases your chances of reducing belly fat and helps in lowering weight.
  • A cup of oats for the oldies:
    These oats are now also introduced in the diet of old as it an excellent source of carbs which satisfies your appetite and reduces your cholesterol levels. It helps maintain healthy and young heart and keeps the oldies energetic and young.
  • Oatmeal for the athletes and gym freaks:
    Rolled Oats provides great protein and carb. When consumed an hour before any strenuous workout, it tends to improve your performance by altering the metabolism.


When to eat rolled oats?

Rolled oats are widely consumed as a breakfast cereal. It is usually served with a cup of hot/cold milk and a little sweetener or with water and salt (Scottish way of eating oats) or add them to your bakery products. You can even cook delicious poha, chivda, dosa, and upma with rolled oats.

Brand True Elements
Food Preference Vegetarian
Health Benefit Weight Loss
Shelf Life 12 Months
Specialty Rich in Fiber
Type Oats
Weight 1kg

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