Cane Sorghum - Alternative for Unsulphured Molasses 650gm

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> Healthy sweetener.
> Healthier option to plain molasses. 
> Rich in antioxidants and minerals. 
> Contains protein and fiber
> Vitamin rich sweetener.

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Cane Sorghum is a perfect substitute to molasses. It is dark, heavy syrup made from sorghum cane. It is one of the historic sweeteners.

True Elements Cane Sorghum is not just calories, it is packed with some serious health punch. It is purely extracted from sorghum cane. No artificial flavours are added.

Flavour: Cane Sorghum has an explosive sweet flavour with subtle fruity hints. It is not just sweet but has complex flavours.


How can cane sorghum benefit you?

  • Is stomach cramps cramping your work? Have sorghum: It helps in avoiding cramping, bloating, stomach aches and diarrhoea. Fiber improves your digestive system and prevents stomach ache, excess gas and diarrhoea.
  • Are your bones getting weaker with age? Add sorghum in your diet: Magnesium helps boost calcium assimilation within the body and can accelerate healing of bones. It also helps in better development of bone tissues and can even prevent osteoporosis or any other cognitive bone problems. . . .
  • Feel like you are moving at a marathon pace throughout the day? Stay energized with cane sorghum: Vitamin B6 ie Niacin transforms food into usable energy and maintains stable energy levels throughout the day. It provides stable energy throughout the day and doesn’t lead to sudden energy spiking.
  • Do you often feel shortness of breath or a headache? Have Cane sorghum: Shortness of breath or a headache occurs because of poor circulation. Copper boosts up the uptake of iron and decreases the chances of anaemia. Iron and Copper revitalizes cellular growth and repair and also enhances RBC development.
  • Fight ageing and improve longevity with sorghum: Sorghum is a rich source of several nutrients. Proper nutrition is vital for proper functioning of body and heart, Sorghum can prevent atherosclerosis and strokes. It helps improve heart health and helps you live longer better life.
  • Sweet for diabetic: Cane Sorghum is diabetic friendly. It even helps control diabetes by preventing excessive carb breakdown into sugar. It also has enzymes which inhibit absorption of starch that helps regulate insulin and keeps glucose level balanced, thus preventing diabetic shocks.

Besides all this, it also helps prevent cancerous cell development and is free from gluten, hence causes no gastronomical problems related to gluten.



Cane Sorghum - Alternative For Unsulphured Molasses


How to use:

Cane Sorghum can be used as a healthier substitute for molasses. You may also use it in place of honey on top of your pancakes to make things oh so syrupy! Or simply drizzle it onto your yogurt or mix it into smoothies, for a sweet, nutrient-rich treat! You may also add it to your muffin preparations, cakes, and baked goodies. This sweet syrup can be a topping for your ice cream.

Brand True Elements
Food Preference Vegetarian
Health Benefit Bone Health
Shelf Life 18 Months
Specialty Natural Sweetener
Type Molasses
Weight 650gm

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